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Lesson Transcript

Hi guys! Welcome to Cantonese Weekly Words! Today we are going to talk about Your Face.
臉 (min6 / lim6) "face"
我塊臉好滑。 (ngo5 faai3 min6 hou2 waat6.) "My face is very smooth."
The skin on my face is very smooth.
1. 眼 (ngaan5) "eyes"
我對眼好細。 (ngo5 deoi3 ngaan5 hou2 sai3.) "My eyes are very small."
I can make it bigger, like this. Scary?
2. 耳仔 (ji5 zai2) or 耳 (jig) “ears"
“Earrings" are called 耳環 (ji5 waan2), like “ear”, and “ring”; “earrings”.
Fun fact! In Cantonese, 大耳窿 (daai6 ji5 lung1) literally “big ear hole”, means “loan shark”. I don’t know why.
3. 嘴/口 (zeoi2 / hau2) "mouth"
口 (hau2) is like the whole area, the 3D area; while 嘴 (zeoi2) is mostly referring to the visual appearance.
佢個嘴好靚。 (keoi5 go3 zeoi2 hou2 leng3.) "Her mouth is very pretty."
So it’s the appearance.
佢個口好臭。 (keoi5 go3 hau2 hou2 cau3.) “He has bad breath.”
It’s the whole area so we use 口 (hau2).
佢個口好臭。 (keoi5 go3 hau2 hou2 cau3.) The whole area.
嘴 (zeoi2) or 口 (hau2).
4. 頸 (geng2) "neck"
This is 頸 (geng2).
In Cantonese, "giraffes” are 長頸鹿 (coeng4 geng2 luk2), literally “long neck deer”. So a deer with very long neck is “giraffe”, 長頸鹿 (coeng4 geng2 luk2).
Sometimes if you want to say that you’ve been waiting for someone or something for a long time, you can say that “I’ve been waited for so long that my neck grow long.”
我等你等到頸都長。 (ngo5 dang2 nei5 dang2 dou3 geng2 dou1 coeng4.) “I’ve been waiting for you for so long that my neck grew longer.”
5. 脷 (lei6) “tongue”
舐舐脷 (lem2 lem2 lei6) something that’s very delicious, and then you can say 舐舐脷 (lem2 lem2 lei6)
呢間餐廳好好味,食到舐舐脷。 (ni1 gaan1 caan1 teng1 hou2 hou2 mei6, sik6 dou3 lem2 lem2 lei6.) "The food at this restaurant is very delicious."
literally we’re “licking our lips" because it’s so delicious.
So that’s it for today, today we talked about your face. 眼 (ngaan5), 耳 (ji5), 口 (hau2), or 嘴 (zeoi2), 鼻 (beige), 牙 (ngaa4), 脷 (lei6), 頸 (geng2). Is there any other parts that you want to know the Cantonese names for? Let us know in the comments. Meanwhile, please check CantoneseClass101.com for the word list and other Cantonese videos. See ya! Bye!


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