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Lesson Transcript

Hi everybody! Welcome to Cantonese Weekly Words! Today we are going to talk about At the Office. Welcome to my office, 辦公室 (baan6 gung1 sat1) “office”.
1. 電腦 (din6 nou5) "computer"
Here is my laptop computer.
冇咗電腦我做唔到嘢。 (mou5 zo2 din6 nou5 ngo5 zou6 m4 dou2 je5.) "Without the computer, I can't work."
2. 電話 (din6 waa2) "telephone"
返工唔好傾電話。 (faan1 gung1 m4 hou2 king1 din6 waa2.) "Don't talk on the phone when you're at work."
Unless it’s related to work.
3. 老闆 (lou5 baan2) "boss"
老闆今日唔喺度。 (lou5 baan2 gam1 jat6 m4 hai2 dou6.) "The boss is not here today."
4. 同事 (tung4 si6) "coworkers / colleagues"
放工同同事去飲嘢。 (fong3 gung1 tung4 tung4 si6 heoi3 jam2 je5.) "To go have a drink with the coworkers after work."
That’s one of my favorite activities.
5. 會議 (wui6 ji5) "meeting"
or 開會 (hoi1 wui5) “to have a meeting”
今朝有兩個好重要嘅會議。 (gam1 ziu1 jau5 loeng5 go3 hou2 zung6 jiu3 ge3 wui6 ji5.) "There were two important meetings this morning."
That’s why I’m so tired today.
So that’s it for today, today we talked about words that are in the “office” 辦公室 (baan6 gung1 sat1), at the office. And I’ll see you next time in other Cantonese videos. Please subscribe, leave us a comment, tell us about what’s in your office, and check out the word list on CantoneseClass101.com. And I’ll see you next time. Bye! Have a nice day!


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