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Tuesday at 6:30 pm
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Wednesday at 11:53 am
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Hi Julie,

Thank you for your comment! We'll fix the Review track asap :grin:

Regarding pronunciation of 結構, both /git3 kau3/ and /git3 gau3/ are correct. We're sorry for the confusion!

FYI, other than 構, 購 also has the same pronunciation variation, it can be /gau3/ or /kau3/.


Team CantoneseClass101.com

Tuesday at 9:05 pm
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Hi! I have a minor point about the review track. It has the sentence about Louis Vuitton in English and 'to sigh' & 'tragedy' are missing and 'daydream' & 'graceful' are there twice. I have found the missing pronunciations in the lesson materials section.

Also, in the second paragraph of the dialog, 結構 seems to be pronounced as gau3 but is written as kau3 in the jyutping text. I believe kau3 is correct? Thanks

Tuesday at 4:21 pm
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Hi Kwong,

Thanks a lot for pointing that out, we're fixing it at the moment :oops:

In Cantonese there're many words that do not exist in Chinese (Mandarin) dialect, so using the correct encoding is critical.

Olivia / CantoneseClass101.com

Wednesday at 2:47 pm
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Can you please check some of the Honzi characters in the Lesson Notes? Some of them look messed up and are not recognizable. Thanks.