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Lesson Transcript

射殺柏林牆最後穿越者嘅前東德衛兵英格最終被判有罪。作家龍應台訪曾任邊境守衛前東德軍人"柏林牆倒塌後審判英格,公唔公平?"回答係"當然公平!" "係總理命令佢哋開槍冇錯,但冇人命令佢哋一定得中!"紐倫堡審判戰犯已經有先例——你仲有其它嘅選擇。任何人都唔可以以服從命令為藉口而超越一定道德倫理界線。
英國嘅Derren Brown曾經做過一個實驗,同時潛意識催眠五個受過高等教育,生平冇任何犯罪紀錄嘅人去搶錢,結果其中四個睇到提住款嘅警察就跑上去搶,只有一個人睇咗之後無動於衷——拜託,搶劫係唔啱嘅!


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Wednesday at 06:30 PM
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射殺柏林牆最後穿越者嘅前東德衛兵英格最終被判有罪。作家龍應台訪曾任邊境守衛前東德軍人"柏林牆倒塌後審判英格,公唔公平?" 回答係"當然公平!""係總理命令佢地開槍冇錯,但冇人命令佢哋一定得中!"紐倫堡審判戰犯已有先例——你仲有其它嘅選擇。任何人都唔可以以服從命令為藉口而超越一定道德倫理界線。但冇呢種創造性思維嘅善良樸實嘅人呢?佢哋亦唔想射殺,但佢哋亦冇諗到"唔射中"呢種方法,起碼喺當時嘅壓力底下冇。不過或者亦係藉口,如果其倫理道德界限夠高同夠堅定,或者如果嗰個人係佢嘅至親至愛,佢可能寧願自殺。

英國嘅Derren Brown曾經做過一個試驗,同時潛意識催眠五個受過高等教創造性思維?
射殺柏林牆最後穿越者嘅前東德衛兵英格最終被判有罪。作家龍應台訪曾任邊境守衛前東德軍人"柏林牆倒塌後審判英格,公唔公平?"回答係"當然公平!" "係總理命令佢哋開槍冇錯,但冇人命令佢哋一定得中!"紐倫堡審判戰犯已經有先例--你仲有其它嘅選擇。任何人都唔可以以服從命令為藉口而超越一定道德倫理界線。
英國嘅Derren Brown曾經做過一個實驗,同時潛意識催眠五個受過高等教育,生平冇任何犯罪紀錄嘅人去搶錢,結果其中四個睇到提住款嘅警察就跑上去搶,只有一個人睇咗之後無動於衷--拜託,搶劫係唔啱嘅!
《待業青年》入便有一個自己創業但唔點成功嘅長髮男話,"我其實仲幾感激嗰個老師"--一個要將所有細路都教育成一個模子出嚟嘅典型中國教師。佢話如果唔係嗰個老師,佢唔會知道自己同身邊嘅人有乜嘢唔一樣。有啲細路極其容易被教育,有啲細路係點樣都唔會被教育。只要你夠犀利,你就唔會俾嗰個老師嘅思想同化。育,生平冇任何犯罪紀錄嘅人去搶錢,結果其中四個睇到提著款嘅警察就跑上去搶,只有一個人睇咗之後無動於衷——拜託,搶劫係唔啱嘅! 另外有人亦做過一個權力服從實驗,命令若干參與者對一個答錯問題者施以電擊,起初佢哋聽到呢個提案都表現得唔願意,認為呢個"唔人道",有個人睇到受罰者嘅痛苦表情甚至流淚,但最後只有唔到一成嘅人唔忍心退出,而其餘九成嘅人都乖乖聽話,對別人實施咗電擊。而其中百分之八十嘅人仲用到咗最高電壓。



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Friday at 05:16 PM
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Hi robert groulx,

Thanks for posting. 😆


Team CantoneseClass101.com

robert groulx
Friday at 09:54 AM
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thanks forv the lesson

my favorite phrase is 但冇呢種創造性思維嘅善良樸實嘅人呢?佢哋亦唔想射殺,


Cantoneseclass101.com Verified
Sunday at 03:23 PM
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Hello Blake,

I understand how you feel because it is indeed a pretty long and difficult article even for a native speaker. I admired your effort of studying Cantonese. By looking at your questions, you are absolutely not a beginner level learner. There are lots of abbreviations of the vocabularies in the article. That could be one of the reasons why you find it difficult. Once you get used to it, you will find it easier to read through.

"(作家龍應台訪曾任邊境守衛) (前東德軍人)" The author 龍應台 interviewed the ex-serviceman of the east Germany who had worked for guarding the border.

“曾任邊境守衛 前東德軍人” .... the ex-serviceman of the east Germany who had worked for guarding the border.

You are right that 軍人 is the noun and everything preceding it is a description of 軍人 . :thumbsup:

And it is OK not to have a 嘅(ge3) in such a long description.

曾任actually is the short form of 曾經任職.

曾(cang4) = 曾經 ( cang4 ging1) ~ in the past ,previously, {has/have/had +past participle}

任(jam6) = 任職(jam6 zik1)~ take up the post, 職(zik1) means "occupation"

曾(cang4) 任職(jam6 zik1) is same as "has worked as ....... "

前(cin4) is usually used as an adjective.

前(cin4)~ before, previous.

For example, 前男友(cin4 naam4 jau5) ~ ex-boyfriend

Thank you so much for your hard work and patience.


Team CantoneseClass101.com

Sunday at 05:18 AM
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I worked with my language partner for 15 minutes on this part of a sentence. What was confusing was not the new words I had not learned: 服從, 超越, 道德, 界線. What was confusing was how words I had already learned were used: 以, 為, 而, 一定

My language partner explained the words usage as follows

以 is being used to mean "use" (similar to 用 which I would have understood if that were the word that was used in the audio blog).

為 is being used to mean "as" - 為藉口: as an excuse. This word has so many uses in Cantonese and I do not think I had learned this one, or if I did I had forgot it.

而 is being used to mean "in order to" - 而超越: in order to surpass/exceed. I was not familiar with this usage. I was more familiar with 而 meaning "but, otherwise" or "and yet"

一定 is being used to mean "to some extent" - 超越 一定: surpass to some extent. I was not familiar with this usage of 一定. I am familiar with it meaning "certainly, absolutely".

I appreciate these audio blogs, but this one is just too difficult; too advanced. I have spent a lot of time and effort trying to understand what every word is doing in the first 38 seconds of the blog. I think the effort to understand this entire blog this way would be better spent elsewhere.

I would be interested to hear others experiences with this lesson,

Friday at 12:19 AM
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曾 is being used here to indicate things happened inthe past. Is 前 also being used this way in the sentence? Why have both?

My translation would be

"Previous working as border patrol previous east german soldiers"

And could you explain this grammar a little further? It looks like 軍人 is the noun and everything preceding it is a description of 軍人 . Is that accurate? Is it strange not to have a 嘅 in such a long description of an object/person/thing?

Sunday at 02:30 AM
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That is a daunting first sentence. How on earth am I supposed to know half these words? Is it worth my time to learn half these words if I am not going to be watching documentaries on the Berlin Wall?

What is the expectation of the people listening to these lessons? I realize this is "advanced". I have been learning for 5 years. Spend 2 hours every day reviewing w/ Anki. Meet with language partners. Been through at least one course from Beginner, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate.

For instance I learned 開槍打死 (shot and killed) from an RTHK news report. Is 射殺 used more or less than this,

I apologize. I am frustrated. I just don't know how much of the effort I am putting into listening and translating these lesssons is paying off. Maybe there is a better way to learn than talking about Enga Henrici.

Too many new words and phrases to learn and keep up with

Wednesday at 09:48 AM
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Hi Misha Gwailou,

We checked and the Review audio can be downloaded without problem. Can you let us know more details and specs about your issue? For instance, are you using the mobile site or normal site?


Team CantoneseClass101.com

Misha Gwailou
Thursday at 09:09 PM
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Friday at 10:38 AM
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Hi Henry,

The first half-year is focusing on more beginning-level Cantonese. You can expect our first intermediate series in 2011 though.



Friday at 01:55 AM
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when can we start seeing some intermediate lessons?