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Hi, everybody! Olivia here. Welcome to Ask a Teacher, where I’ll answer some of your most common Cantonese questions.
The Question
The question for this lesson is: How can I advance in Cantonese learning without living in Hong Kong?
You can immerse yourself in the Cantonese environment by reading, listening, writing, speaking or watching everything in Cantonese.
Let’s first explain what immersion is.
Immersion is one of the methods in language learning, by being submerged in the environment that speaks the target language. Learners are forced to read, listen, and speak often in the target language in this situation. One of the best examples of immersion is to live in the country or city in which the target language is one of the official languages.
Let’s see some tools for achieving that, even when you can’t go to Hong Kong for long periods.
The easiest way to accomplish immersion is to play audio or video materials in the target language as much as possible in your daily life. Keep in mind that the brain absorbs the knowledge more effectively when the learner is listening to the material intentionally.
Other than audio and video materials available online, learners can join language exchange sessions for face-to-face conversations, or make use of language apps to study the culture and background of the target language.
Naturally, if you are lucky enough to get in touch with someone from Hong Kong in your country, try to make friends and to have conversations with them in Cantonese as much as possible!


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What Cantonese learning question do you have?

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Hi Dany Tran,

Thanks for sharing your amazing experiences! 😉 Very nice that you are satisfied with communicating in Cantonese. 😆


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Dany Tran
Thursday at 07:04 PM
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I went to Hong Kong three times to meet my idol. It was so crazy when flying from the US to Hong Kong 3 times just in half-year LOL. However, besides meeting my idol, I also met and made friends with many Hong Kong people. In our group chat, they always use Cantonese to chat while I use Mandarin. Recently, after learning Cantonese, I try to type Cantonese by using jyutping to chat with them. It is so amazing.