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Lesson Transcript

Hi guys! Surprise! Welcome to CantoneseClass101.com's Top Words. Today I'm sitting in as a model for my lovely friend Jana, she is being trained as a makeup artist, so let's talk about some make up words in Cantonese. Here we go!
1. 化妝 (faa3 zong1) "makeup"
今日我有化妝。 (gam1 jat6 ngo5 jau5 faa3 zong1.) "Today I put on makeup."
Of course!
呢個化妝嘅題材係宇宙。 (ni1 go3 faa3 zong1 ge3 tai4 coi4 hai6 jyu5 zau6.) "It's a galaxy-themed makeup."
Galaxy, 宇宙(jyu5 zau6).
And the next word is...
2. 化妝師 (faa3 zong1 si1) "makeup artist"
So as you learned 化妝 (faa3 zong1) is "makeup", and the person doing it is the "makeup artist" and we just add 師(si1) after the noun or the verb.
For example, 教師 (gaau3 si1); 教(gaau3) is "to teach", and then we add 師(si1), people who teach, our teachers.
So 教師 (gaau3 si1), "teachers".
化妝師 (faa3 zong1 si1) "makeup artist"
In a sentence...
我朋友Jana係個化妝師。 (ngo5 pang4 jau5 Jana hai6 go3 faa3 zong1 si1.) "My friend Jana is a makeup artist."
3. 髮型師 (faat3 jing4 si1) "hairstylist"
髮型(faat3 jing4) means "hairstyle", and again, adding the 師(si1), people who do hair styling is the hair stylist!
So, 髮型師 (faat3 jing4 si1).
我今日個髮型靚唔靚呀?(ngo5 gam1 jat6 go3 faat3 jing4 leng3 m4 leng3 aa3?)
How is my hairstyle today, do you like it?
你鍾唔鍾意我今日個髮型?(nei5 zung1 m4 zung1 ji3 ngo5 gam1 jat6 ge3 faat3 jing4 aa3?)
"Did you like my hairstyle today?"
So, 髮型師 (faat3 jing4 si1) "hair stylist".
佢嘅目標係做髮型師。 (keoi5 ge3 muk6 biu1 hai6 zou6 faat3 jing4 si1.) "His goal is to become a hairstylist."
4. 遮瑕膏 (ze1 haa4 gou1) "concealer"
遮(ze1) means "to cover"
瑕(haa4) means "flaws"
And 膏(gou1) is like "ointment" or "cream"
So 遮瑕膏 (ze1 haa4 gou1), a great that covers flaws, that's concealer.
邊個牌子嘅遮瑕膏好用呢? (bin1 go3 paai4 zi2 ge3 ze1 haa4 gou1 hou2 jung6 ne1?) "Which brand's concealer is good?"
5. 粉底 (fan2 dai2) "foundation"
粉(fun2) is like "powder", 底(dai2) is like "under" or "underneath". So the powder, the substance that goes underneath, or that covers up, is foundation, 粉底 (fan2 dai2).
搽完粉底皮膚會睇落好滑。 (caa4 jyun4 fan2 dai2 pei4 fu1 wui2 tai2 lok6 hou2 waat6.) "Your skin looks flawless after putting on foundation."
搽粉底 (caa4 fan2 dai2) "to put on foundation"
搽(caa4) is the verb "to put on," like, 搽(caa4) any kind of cream or lotion. We also used the verb 搽(caa4).
搽粉底 (caa4 fan2 dai2) "to put on foundation"
6. 眼影 (ngaan5 jing2) "eye shadow"
眼(ngaan5) means "eye", 影(jing2) means "shadow", very straightforward. So, "eye shadow".
今日我有粉紅色眼影。 (gam1 jat6 ngo5 jau5 fan2 hung4 sik1 ngaan5 jing2.) "Today I have pink eye shadow."
7. 胭脂 (jin1 zi1) "blush"
最近興粉紅色嘅胭脂。 (zeoi3 gan6 hing1 fan2 hung4 sik1 ge3 jin1 zi1.) "Lately, the trend is all about pink blush."
So, 粉紅色嘅胭脂 胭脂 (fan2 hung4 sik1 ge3 jin1 zi1) "pink blush"
When people are blushing, we don't say 胭脂 (jin1 zi1), we only use 胭脂 (jin1 zi1) as the noun, like, the makeup.
胭脂 (jin1 zi1)
8. 唇膏 (seon4 gou1) "lipstick"
唇(seon4) means "lips"
膏(gou1) is ointment or cream, or anything that you put on an extra layer.
So, 唇膏 (seon4 gou1).
紅色嘅唇膏 (hung4 sik1 ge3 seon4 gou1) "red lipstick"
桃紅色嘅唇膏 (tou4 hung4 sik1 ge3 seon4 gou1) "rosy-red lipstick"
So, I can say...
我今日搽咗桃紅色嘅唇膏。 (ngo5 gam1 jat6 caa4 zo2 tou4 hung4 sik1 ge3 seon4 gou1.) "Today I put on a rosy-red lipstick."
9. 睫毛液 (zit6 mou4 jik6) "Mascara"
睫毛 (zit6 mou4) or 眼睫毛 (ngaan5 zit6 mou4) means "eyelashes",
睫毛液 (zit6 mou4 jik6) "Mascara"
液 (jik6) is kind of like "liquid".
So liquid that you could put on your eyelashes is 睫毛液 (zit6 mou4 jik6).
睫毛液通常都係黑色或者啡色。 (zit6 mou4 jik6 tung1 soeng4 dou1 hai6 hak1 sik1 waak6 ze2 fe1 sik1.) "Mascara are usually in black or brown."
10. 卸妝油 (se3 zong1 jau4) "makeup remover (in oil form)"
So 卸妝(se3 zong1)...
卸(se3) means "to take off; to remove"
妝(zong1) is the makeup, as in 化妝 (faa3 zong1)
So 卸妝(se3 zong1) means "to remove the makeup".
So usually, I use the makeup removing oil, so 卸妝油 (se3 zong1 jau4), 油(jau4) is "oil".
用卸妝油卸妝乾淨啲。 (jung6 se3 zong1 jau4 se3 zong1 gon1 zeng6 di1.) "Using makeup removing oil removes the makeup nicely."
Like clean, it's very clean, that's what I think, that's my opinion. And if you have other suggestions, you can leave it in the comment section.
So that's it for today! I am going to take off my makeup now, 我而家去卸妝(ngo5 ji4 gaa1 heoi3 se3 zong1), "I'm going to remove my makeup now."
And I will see you next time, thank you for watching! My name is Olivia, see you again, bye!