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Lesson Transcript

Hi guys! Welcome to Cantonese Top Words. Today we are at Central looking at the Dragon Boat Race.
So behind me... you can see the race.
1. 扒 (paa4 ) is the verb "to row (a boat)"
So "to row a boat" is 扒艇 (paa4 teng5).
So 扒 (paa4 ) is the verb "to row (a boat)"
扒龍舟 (paa4 lung4 zau1) "to row a dragonboat"
2. And "dragon boat" is 龍舟 (lung4 zau1)
"dragon" is 龍(lung4), 舟(zau1) is "boat"
今日有扒龍舟賽事。 (gam1 jat6 jau5 paa4 lung4 zau1 coi3 si6.) "Today there's a dragon boat competition."
And the next word is...
3. 嘉年華 (gaa1 nin4 waa4) "carnival"
So over there, there are a lot of booths, they are having a carnival, with food trucks and artificial beach for the kids, and a lot of shows so people can enjoy this festival more.
And the next word is...
4. 打鼓 (daa2 gu2) "to strike the drum"
Maybe you can hear the drums, maybe not?
So 打鼓 (daa2 gu2); 鼓(gu2) is "drum(s)", and 打(daa2) is "to hit", "to strike".
So, 打鼓 (daa2 gu2).
扒龍舟要打鼓。 (paa4 lung4 zau1 jiu3 daa2 gu2.) "People strike the drums when they row the dragon boat."
5. 添馬公園 (tim1 maa5 gung1 jyun2) "Tamar Park"
And that is the government buildings, 政府大樓 (zing3 fu2 daai6 lau4) "government general building (headquarters)".
That's it for today, thanks for watching! And I'm Olivia. See you next time! 下次見 (haa6 cie3 gin3).


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Which word or phrase do you like the most?

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Hello robert groulx,

You are very welcome. 😇

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Good luck with your language studies.

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thanks for th lesson

my favorite is 添馬公園

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Monday at 03:00 PM
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Hello Vincent,

Thanks for the question. 😉

In our original sentence, "it was so packed" implies " there were many many many people". You can perceive 不得了 (bat1 dak1 liu5), the whole phrase, as an expression for "extremely".

For example,

1) 呢件蛋糕好食到不得了 (ni1 gin6 daan2 gou1 hou2 sik6 dou3 bat1 dak1 liu5) ~ This cake is extremely delicious

2) 呢條數學題難到不得了 (ni1 tiu4 sou3 hok6 tai4 naan4 dou3 bat1 dak1 liu5) ~ This math question is extremely difficult.


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Saturday at 11:20 PM
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Can you clarify the meaning of "bat1 dak1 liu5" 不得了as used in the vocabulary sentence for "carnival" (我哋琴日去咗嘉年華,多人到不得了。ngo5 dei6 kam4 jat6 heoi3 zo2 gaa1 nin4 waa4, do1 jan4 dou3 bat1 dak1 liu5.We went to the carnival yesterday, it was so packed")? Your Cantonese dictionary interprets 不得了 bat1 dak1 liu5 to mean "extremely; disastrous." Does 了liu5 have any specific literal meaning in 不得了 bat1 dak1 liu5? Can you give other sample sentences that clarify the usage of 不得了 bat1 dak1 liu5? Thank you, again, for your helpful explanations!