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Lesson Transcript

Hi guys! Welcome to CantoneseClass101.com's Top Words. Today we are in Stanley. This is Stanley, 赤柱 (cek3 cyu5), it's at the Southern part of Hong Kong island. If this is Hong Kong Island, this is Stanley.
1. 漁船 (jyu4 syun4) "fishing boat"
So this is a costal town and you can see a lot of fishing boats, 漁船 (jyu4 syun4) "fishing boat".
漁 (jyu4) means "fishing", 船 (syun4) means "boat"
呢度有紅色嘅漁船,藍色嘅漁船,同埋黃色嘅漁船。 (ni1 dou6 jau5 hung4 sik1 ge3 jyu4 syun4, laam4 sik1 ge3 jyu4 syun4, tung4 maai4 wong4 sik1 ge3 jyu4 syun4.) "There is a red fishing boat, a blue fishing boat, and a yellow fishing boat."
2. 美利樓 (mei5 lei6 lau4) "Murray House"
And the next word is 美利樓 (mei5 lei6 lau4) "Murray House"
It's a building built from the Victorian era and it used to be in Central, the other district in the north side of the Hong Kong Island, and they moved it here to Stanley. You can see, this is Murray House.
It's a very old-style Victorian building, and now they put an H&M in it so you can shop.
3. 餐廳 (caan1 teng1) "restaurant"
And the next word is... 餐廳 (caan1 teng1) "restaurant"
There are some restaurants along the main street, the Stanley Main Street. And they are mostly seafood restaurants.
去海鮮餐廳食海鮮。 (heoi3 hoi2 sin1 caan1 teng1 sik6 hoi2 sin1.) "Go to a seafood restaurant to eat seafood."
海鮮 (hoi2 sin1) is "seafood"
And 餐廳 (caan1 teng1) is "restaurant"
4. 麥當勞 (mak6 dong1 lou4) "McDonald's"
"McDonald's" in Cantonese is 麥當勞 (mak6 dong1 lou4), very similar.
去麥當勞食早餐。 (heoi3 mak6 dong1 lou4 sik6 zou2 caan1.) "Go to have breakfast at McDonald's."
5. 龍 (lung4) "dragon"
And the last word is dragon, 龍 (lung4) "dragon".
This is a dragon, and you can find many dragon sculpture or painting or engraving all around Hong Kong because it represents Hong Kong.
And in a sentence for dragon, 呢度有兩條龍。 (ni1 dou6 jau5 loeng5 tiu4 lung4.) "There are two dragons here."
So that's it for today. Today we talked about some words about 赤柱 (cek3 cyu5) "Stanley", and I'll see you again next time! 下次見 (haa6 cie3 gin3).