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Lesson Transcript

Hi guys! Welcome to CantoneseClass's Top Words. Today, we are in Stanley 赤柱 (cek3 cyu5). Look, it's the beach.
Stanley, 赤柱 (cek3 cyu5)
So, five words for 赤柱 (cek3 cyu5), Stanley.
1. 赤柱泳灘 (cek3 cyu5 wing6 taan1) "Stanley Beach"
赤柱 (cek3 cyu5) is the area, it's a coastal town and it's a very laid-back area with very nice beach.
赤柱泳灘 (cek3 cyu5 wing6 taan1) "Stanley Beach"
赤柱 (cek3 cyu5) is "Stanley" and 泳灘 (wing6 taan1) is "beach".
今日赤柱泳灘好多人。 (gam1 jat6 cek3 cyu5 wing6 taan1 hou2 do1 jan4.) "There are a lot of people at the Stanley Beach."
2. 美利樓 (mei5 lei6 lau4) "Murray House"
Murray House is a Victorian era building in Stanley. It used to be in central but they moved it here, it's a very nice building and many people take wedding photos there. There are a few restaurants in the Murray House and it has a very nice coast view, so it's a nice place to relax and watch the sunset.
美利樓 (mei5 lei6 lau4) "Murray House"
3. 赤柱大街 (cek3 cyu5 daai6 gaai1) "Stanley Main Street"
赤柱 (cek3 cyu5), again, is the town name. 赤柱 (cek3 cyu5).
大街 (daai6 gaai1), 大(daai6) means "big", 街(gaai1) means "street". So, bit street, the main street, 赤柱大街 (cek3 cyu5 daai6 gaai1). You will see a lot of restaurants and bars and pubs and shops and souvenir shops at 赤柱大街 (cek3 cyu5 daai6 gaai1).
去赤柱大街買手信。 (heoi3 cek3 cyu5 daai6 gaai1 maai5 sau2 seon3.) "Buy souvenir at the Stanley Main Street."
And there is a market there, too, like, the street market, maybe you find something very cheap and good bargain.
And the next word is...
4. 赤柱廣場 (cek3 cyu5 gwong2 coeng4) "Stanley Plaza"
赤柱 (cek3 cyu5) "Stanley" and 廣場 (gwong2 coeng4) is "plaza".
There are a lot of shops and restaurants and bars in there, you can have Chinese dim sum in the Stanley Plaza.
赤柱廣場有時會有表演。 (cek3 cyu5 gwong2 coeng4 jau5 si4 wui2 jau5 biu2 jin2.) "There are sometimes performances at the Stanley Plaza."
5. 龍舟賽事 (lung4 zau1 coi3 si6) "dragon boat race"
龍舟(lung4 zau1) is "dragon boat"
龍(lung4) is "dragon"
舟(zau1) is like "boat" or "ship"
So, 龍舟賽事 (lung4 zau1 coi3 si6) "dragon boat race"
Every year there's one super big dragon boat race. In 2018, it's on June 18th and every year is a different date depending on the festival, so check it out when you're in town, the Dragon Boat Race. And people will dress up and cheer for the team and some company would send their employees to compete in the Dragon Boat Race. It's a super big carnival there, so if you're in town don't miss it! But it's gonna be very hot so be prepared.
赤柱龍舟賽事 (cek3 cyu5 lung4 zau1 coi3 si6) "Stanley Dragon Boat Race"
So that's it for today. Today we talked about five words that you need to know about Stanley, 赤柱 (cek3 cyu5), it's a very nice town at the south part of Hong Kong Island, the very south, the bottom tip of Hong Kong Island, so check it out if you're in town! I'll see you next time, my name is Olivia. Bye!


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They have a literally tiny difference that 泳灘 (wing6 taan1) emphasizes the beach for swimming. But I would say, being a native speaker, they sound no difference, while 沙灘 (saa1 taan1) is more popular.


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do two these words 泳灘 沙灘 have the same meaning? Thanks so much for always giving me helpful explanation.