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Lesson Transcript

Hi guys! Welcome to CantoneseClass101.com's Top Words. Today we're in Hong Kong at the Big Buddha and the big temple and we're gonna talk about five words about this place.
Behind you, you can see the temple.
1. So the Big Buddha is 天壇大佛 (tin1 taan4 daai6 fat3).
天壇(tin1 taan4) is the name and 大佛(daai6 fat3) means Big Buddha.
大(daai6) is "big" and 佛(fat3) is "Buddha"
天壇大佛 (tin1 taan4 daai6 fat3)
2. 寶蓮寺 (bou2 lin4 zi2) is the name of the temple, "Po Lin Temple".
The temple that I just showed you is 寶蓮寺 (bou2 lin4 zi2).
寶蓮寺 (bou2 lin4 zi2) is the name of the temple, "Po Lin Temple".
3. "Buddha's birthday" is 佛誕 (fat6 daan3)
佛(fat3) is "Buddha" and 誕(daan3) is "birthday"; so the Buddha's birthday is a public holiday in Hong Kong.
So, 今日係佛誕假期。 (gam1 jat6 hai6 fat6 daan3 gaa3 kei4.) "Today is the Buddha's birthday holiday."
And we are waiting for the performance, they will have kung fu performance and mask-changing performance, so I'm looking forward to that.
功夫表演 (gung1 fu1 biu2 jin5) "kung fu performance"
功夫 (gung1 fu1) is "kung fu", and 表演 (biu2 jin5) is "performance" or "show."
And the next one is...
4. 食齋 (sik6 zaai1) "to eat vegetarian food"
食(sik6) is "to eat"; 齋(zaai1) is "vegetarian".
So at the temple, many people will eat vegetarian food made by the monk here, and there are many choices here, they have vegetarian and vegan so you can take a look in here. I think the famous one is the tofu dessert, they also have some sour tofu snack. So, 去寶蓮寺食齋。 (heoi3 bou2 lin4 zi2 sik6 zaai1.) "Go to eat vegetarian food at the Po Lin Temple."
The next word is...
5. 燒香 (siu1 hoeng1) "to burn incense"
香(hoeng1) means "incense"; 燒(siu1) means "to burn". So you can see all the incense, they are huge, they have big ones or small ones, depending how much you want to spend, how much luck you want, and it's smoky everywhere so take a shower after you leave the temple.
So that's it for today. Today we talk about some words about the Buddha's birthday and the Big Buddha, and I'll see you next time, my name is Olivia. 下次見 (haa6 cie3 gin3).