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Lesson Transcript

Hi guys! Welcome to CantoneseClass101.com, I'm Olivia and today we are in Hong Kong, on the Peak! The Peak is one of the top tourist attractions and I'm gonna tell you five words and phrases you need to know when you visit the Peak.
1. 山頂 (saan1 deng2) "peak; Victoria Peak"
So 山(saan1) is "mountain" or "hill" and 頂(dang2) is the top, the very tip-top. So the peak, 山頂 (saan1 deng2).
我哋今日上山頂囉。 (ngo5 dei6 gam1 jat6 soeng5 saan1 deng2 lo3.) "Let's go to the Peak today."
And the next word is...
2. 維港 (wai4 gong2) "Victoria Harbour"
So behind me between those two lands, that's Victoria Harbour, 維港 (wai4 gong2).
我哋可以搭渡輪過維港。 (ngo5 dei6 ho2 ji3 daap3 dou6 leon4 gwo3 wai4 gong2.) "We can take the ferry across the Victoria Harbour."
And the next phase is...
3. 好靚呀! (hou2 leng3 aa3!) "It's really beautiful!"
So when you see a view like this, you can say 好靚呀! (hou2 leng3 aa3!) "It's really beautiful!"
And the next word is...
4. 尖沙嘴 (zim1 saa1 zeoi2) "Tsim Sha Tsui"
尖沙嘴 (zim1 saa1 zeoi2) is a district, it's a very famous tourist attraction, so a lot of museums and shops and hotels are there, and restaurants, so you can check it out there.
尖沙嘴 (zim1 saa1 zeoi2), that's the district name, it means, well, 尖(zim1) is like "pointy"; 沙(saa1) is "sand"; and 嘴(zeoi2) is "mouth". It doesn't make any sense, it's just the name.
And the next word is...
5. 潮濕 (ciu4 sap1) "humid"
The weather is super humid right now and it's very hot, so...
天氣好潮濕。 (tin1 hei3 hou2 ciu4 sap1.) "The weather is very humid."
Hong Kong usually start getting humid between May and September, so it's very sticky everywhere but it's still nice to visit.
So that's it for today! Today we talk about five words and phrases that you should know when you're visiting Hong Kong and the Peak. And I'll see you next time! 下次見 (haa6 ci3 gin3), bye!