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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everyone! Welcome to CantoneseClass101.com's Top Words! My name is Olivia, and today, we are in Hong Kong and this is the famous Hong Kong skyline. So we're gonna talk about 5 Words about the Hong Kong Skyline.
Here, the tallest building, is IFC.
1. 國際金融中心 (gwok3 zai3 gam1 jung4 zung1 sam1) "International Finance Centre (IFC)"
國際 (gwok3 zai3) "international"
金融 (gam1 jung4) "financial"
"centre" 中心 (zung1 sam1)
國際金融中心 (gwok3 zai3 gam1 jung4 zung1 sam1)
There are a lot of shops and cinema and office there, so we go there... also, it's close to the ferry station, the Star Ferry station, so it's a place that I go a lot.
2. 天星小輪 (tin1 sing1 siu2 leon4) "Star Ferry"
You might be able to see a lot of ferries in the Victoria habour.
天星小輪 (tin1 sing1 siu2 leon4) "Star Ferry"
It's the cheapest way to get between the two islands, not island, but the two districts, from Hong Kong island to Kowloon peninsula. So, I love it, it's a very relaxing way to cross the harbour.
3. 滙豐大廈 (wui6 fung1 daai6 haa6) "HSBC Building"
HSBC is Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, the bank name. So, HSBC, this building, is built by the british architect Norman Foster. I heard that... the rumor... the design was that they could take it apart in case they need to move the whole building to UK, but I'm not sure if that's true but it's an interesting story.
And the building with the triangles, and the pointy tip...
4. 中銀大廈 (zung1 ngan2 daai6 haa6) "Bank of China Tower"
The building of Bank of China is another very iconic building. At night, they all light up and it's very cool and special and it represents the Hong Kong skyline very nicely.
And the last word is...
5. 海港城 (hoi2 gong2 sing4) "Harbour City"
We are in Harbour City, it's right in front of the harbour, as you can see. And it's a big complex of offices, restaurants, and shopping mall, and event venues.
So, "harbour" is 海港 (hoi2 gong2); 城(sing4) is "city".
So, 海港城 (hoi2 gong2 sing4).
These are the 5 main places in Hong Kong that everybody knows and visit very often, very frequently. I hope you like this video, my name is Olivia. See you in another video, bye!


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