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Lesson Transcript

Hi everybody! Welcome to CantoneseClass101.com's Top Words. My name is Olivia and today we're in Macau.
澳門 (ou3 mun2) "Macau"
So here are our top five words and phrases for Macau.
The first word is "casino".
1. 賭場 (dou2 coeng4) "casino"
So there is a big casino somewhere here.
And 賭(dou2) means "gamble" and 場(coeng4) means "arena" or "a place; a location".
So 賭場 (dou2 coeng4) is where you gamble.
去完賭場冇晒錢。 (heoi3 jyun4 dou2 coeng4 mou5 saai3 cin2.) "After going to the casino, I'm broke."
2. 過大海 (gwo3 daai6 hoi2) "Crossing the ocean"
It's a phrase that we use to describe people going to Macau to gamble. So...
你又過大海呀? (nei5 jau6 gwo3 daai6 hoi2 aa4?) "You're going to gamble in Macau again?"
So, 過大海 (gwo3 daai6 hoi2), literally "to cross the big ocean".
And the next word is...
3. 葡撻 (pou4 daat1) "Portuguese tart"
It's one of the famous foods in Macau and I love it.
我想食葡撻。 (ngo5 soeng2 sik6 pou4 daat1.) "I want to eat Portuguese tart."
It's kind of sweet, it's kind of like egg custard in a puff pastry, and you should try it when you have a chance!
And the next word is...
4. 豬仔包 (zyu1 zai2 baau1) "Pork sandwich; pork bun"
豬(zyu1) is "pig"
仔(zai2) is, like, "little"; So, little pig.
And 包(baau1) is "bread" or "bun".
So 豬仔包 (zyu1 zai2 baau1) "pork bun"
It's kind of like a pork cutlet in a grilled bun with butter in between so it is pretty good, you should try it!
食完豬仔包好飽呀。 (sik6 jyun4 zyu1 zai2 baau1 hou2 baau2 aa3.) "After eating the pork bun, I'm all full."
And the last word is...
5. 大三巴 (daai6 saam1 baa1) "The Great São Paulo Cathedral (Ruins of St. Paul's Cathedral)"
It's one of the most famous attractions in Macau. It's a whole Cathedral and then fire and bomb destroyed it until only the front facade, only the front wall exists, so it's only a wall of the church that exists, and that's where everybody come and take picture at.
大三巴 (daai6 saam1 baa1)
大(daai6) means "big; the great"; 三巴(saam1 baa1) comes from São Paulo.
In a sentence,
個個都去大三巴影相。 (go3 go3 dou1 heoi3 daai6 saam1 baa1 jing2 soeng2.) "Everybody take a photo at the Great São Paulo Cathedral."
So that's it for today. Today we talked about five words and phrases you need to know in Macau. So I hope you're visiting Macau soon and get to walk around, eat some food. I'm Olivia and see you next time, 下次見!(haa6 ci3 gin3!)