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Lesson Transcript

Hello! Hi everyone! Welcome back to CantoneseClass101.com’s Cantonese Top Words. Today we're going to talk about “ten questions you should know”. Let’s start!
1. 你好嗎? (nei5 hou2 maa3?) "How are you?"
We use it just like “How are you”, especially when we’re catching up with friends so it's more like a casual greeting.
2. 你叫咩名? (nei5 giu3 me1 meng2?) "What's your name?"
名 (meng2) is “name”, so 你叫咩名? (nei5 giu3 me1 meng2?) "What's your name?"
我係Olivia。 (ngo5 hai6 Olivia.)
3. 呢個係咩? (ni1 go3 hai6 me1?) "What is it?"
Say you don't know what it is, or what’s it's called in Cantonese, you say 呢個係咩? (ni1 go3 hai6 me1?) "What is it?"
4. 你幾時生日? (nei5 gei2 si4 saang1 jat6?) "When is your birthday?"
My birthday is in January, tell us your birthday in the comments section, please!
5. 你住喺邊? (nei5 zyu6 hai2 bin1?) "Where do you live?"
住 (zyu6) is the verb “to live”, so 我住喺香港。 (ngo5 zyu6 hai2 hoeng1 gong2.) "I live in Hong Kong."
我住喺日本。 (ngo5 zyu6 hai2 jat6 bun2.) "I live in Japan."
Where do you live? Tell us!
6. 你幾多歲? (nei5 gei2 do1 seoi3?) "How old are you?"
歲 (seoi3) is like “years old”, but it’s not very common to ask people how old they are, especially female. Maybe for kids and elderly, seniors, you can ask them 你幾多歲? (nei5 gei2 do1 seoi3?) "How old are you?"
7. 你有冇去過香港? (nei5 jau5 mou5 heoi3 gwo3 hoeng1 gong2?) "Have you ever been to Hong Kong?"
香港 (hoeng1 gong2) is “Hong Kong”, so you can substitute it with other country name.
你有冇去過日本? (nei5 jau5 mou5 heoi3 gwo3 jat6 bun2?) "Have you ever been to Japan?"
你有冇去過泰國? (nei5 jau5 mou5 heoi3 gwo3 taai3 gwok3?) "Have you ever been to Thailand?"
This is Thailand, by the way.
8. 廁所喺邊? (ci3 so2 hai2 bin1?) "Where is the washroom?"
廁所 (ci3 so2) is “washroom” or “bathroom”. Very important question you need to know.
9. 你幾多號電話? (nei5 gei2 do1 hou6 din6 waa2?) "What's your phone number?"
電話 (din6 waa2) is “telephone”, but in this case everybody understand that it means “phone number”. If you need to contact someone, ask for their phone number.
10. 你喺邊度學廣東話? (nei5 hai2 bin1 dou6 hok6 gwong2 dung1 waa2?) "Where did you learn Cantonese?"
Of course now you have to tell people you learned from CantoneseClass101.com.
That's it for today! Today we talked about “ten questions you should know”. please subscribe, leave us a comment, and check out CantoneseClass101.com for the full word list, and i'll see you next time. I’m Olivia. Bye!