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Lesson Transcript

Hi guys, welcome to Top Cantonese Words, Cantonese Top Words, Top Cantonese Words.
Today we’re going to talk about the 10 Hardest Words to Pronounce! And obviously, I can’t pronounce anything now. 10 Hardest Words to Pronounce in Cantonese, alright, let’s start.
1. 橙 (caang2) "orange"
Some people might find it difficult to because the end has a little NG, so it’s a bit of nasal sound. 橙 (caang2).
我食橙。 (ngo5 sik6 caang2.) "I eat an orange."
2. 難 (naan4) "difficult"
難 (naan4) means ”difficult" and it’s difficult to pronounce. So it starts with N and ends with another N. 難 (naan4), and it’s in a low tone so 難 (naan4). Practice and you can get there.
廣東話唔難。 (gwong2 dung1 waa2 m4 naan4.) "Cantonese is not difficult."
3. 背脊 (bui3 zek3) is "back"
我背脊好痛。 (ngo5 bui3 zek3 hou2 tung3.) "My back is in pain."
背脊 (bui3 zek3)
4. 長 (coeng4) is ”long"
長頭髮 (coeng4 tau4 faat3) "long hair"
長 (coeng4), and it ends with another NG, so 長 (coeng4).
5. 想 (soeng2) is ”to want; to think"
It ends with another NG. 想 (soeng2).
6. 我 (ngo5) "I; me"
我 (ngo5), NGO. Sometimes we get lazy and we just say (o5), like O sound instead of NGO.
我 (ngo5) and (o5), can you tell the difference?
I’m starting to sound like a goose.
我係Olivia。 (ngo5 hai6 Olivia.) "I'm Olivia."
7. 身體 (san1 tai2) "body"
身 (san1) is like “sun” in the sky, then 體 (tai2).
身體健康 (san1 tai2 gin6 hong1) "good health”, healthy body.
8. 藥 (joek6) "medicine"
That’s what you need when you’re… when your 身體 (san1 tai2) is not healthy. 藥 (joek6).
病咗就要食藥。 (beng6 zo2 zau6 jiu3 sik6 joek6.) "When you're sick you have to take medicine."
9. 集團 (zaap6 tyun4) "corporate"
集 (zaap6), don’t pronounce it like (zaaP)
香港有好多大集團。 (hoeng1 gong2 jau5 hou2 do1 daai6 zaap6 tyun4.) "There're a lot of large corporates in Hong Kong."
10. 苦 (fu2) "bitter"
Maybe it’s the 2nd tone that’s hard to pronounce. Like 苦 (fu2), it’s kinda like when you ask if the parking lot is FULL?
So that’s it for today, today we talked about the 10 Hardest Words to Pronounce in Cantonese. Please subcribe and I’ll see you next time in other Cantonese videos. You can check the wordlist on CantoneseClass101.com. And practice the pronunciation, speak it out loud, that really helps. I’ll see you next time, I’m Olivia. Bye!