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Lesson Transcript

Hi, guys! Welcome back to Cantonese Top Words. Today, we are in Lake Louise in Canada. Look! But meanwhile, I’m going to tell you Top 10 must-know autumn words. Here we go!
1. 冷衫 (laang1 saam1) “sweater”
This is a 冷衫 (laang1 saam1), a “sweater”.
呢件係女朋友親手織嘅冷衫。 (ni1 gin6 hai6 neoi5 pang4 jau5 can1 sau2 zik1 ge3 laang1 saam1.) “This is the sweater that was handwoven by the girlfriend.”
Well not my girlfriend, somebody’s girlfriend maybe.
2. 雨季 (jyu5 gwai3) “rainy season”
香港嘅雨季係喺四月至九月。 (hoeng1 gong2 ge3 jyu5 gwai3 hai6 hai2 sei3 jyut6 zi3 gau2 jyut6.) “The rainy season in Hong Kong is from April to September.”
I’m glad that this is not rainy season here or else, it wouldn’t be as beautiful. But if you go to Hong Kong in the summer, it’s going to be very humid although it might not rain that much, but sometimes we have like typhoon or rainstorm in July and August so be careful.
3. 大風 (daai6 fung1) “windy”
今日好大風,記得著多件衫! (gam1 jat6 hou2 daai6 fung1, gei3 dak1 zoek3 do1 gin6 saam1!) “It’s very windy today; remember to put on some more clothes.”
It’s not too windy, but it’s cold here.
4. 涼 (loeng4) “cool”
As in the weather, crispy cool, 涼 (loeng4).
前幾日仲係好涼,今日又熱返。 (cin4 gei2 jat6 zung6 hai6 hou2 loeng4, gam1 jat6 jau6 jit6 faan1.) “It was quite cool a couple of days ago. But today is so hot again.”
That’s very common in Hong Kong. You get like one or two cool days and then it’s like crazy humid, hot in a summer.
Next word is…
5. 秋天 (cau1 tin1) “autumn”
香港人好鍾意秋天去日本睇楓葉。 (hoeng1 gong2 jan4 hou2 zung1 ji3 cau1 tin1 heoi3 jat6 bun2 tai2 fung1 jip6.) “Hong Kong people love to go to Japan to see the red leaves in autumn.” Have you ever seen the autumn leaves in Japan? They call it こうよう (kouyou), I think, and it’s very beautiful especially I’ve been to the one in Shinjuku Gyoen - Shinjuku Royal Park, it’s very nice.
6. 感冒 (gam2 mou6) “cold”
I think I might catch a cold if I sit out here for a bit longer.
In a sentence...每次感冒醫生都會叫你飲多啲水。 (mui5 ci3 gam2 mou6 ji1 sang1 dou1 wui5 giu3 nei5 jam2 do1 di1 seoi2.) “Whenever you catch a cold, the doctors will tell you to drink a lot of water.”
That’s my remedy too. Whenever I feel unwell or sick, I just drink a lot of warm water. You can try that too. I hope it works on you or maybe it’s a psychological effect for me.
7. 栗子 (leot6 zi2) “chestnut”
好想食街頭熱辣辣嘅炒栗子。 (hou2 soeng2 sik6 gaai1 tau4 jit6 laat6 laat6 ge3 caau2 leot6 zi2.) “I really want to try the hot, fried chestnut from the street food vendors.”
In Hong Kong, there are many 炒栗子 (caau2 leot6 zi2) “fried chestnut on the street, the corner of the street in some, well not business area. Maybe in Mong Kok they will have it. Sometimes in Causeway Bay, they have it too. You can try to find them, 炒栗子 (caau2 leot6 zi2), and you can usually smell it from the end of the street.
8. 長袖衫 (coeng4 zau6 saam1) “long-sleeved shirt”
I’m wearing 長袖衫 (coeng4 zau6 saam1) long-sleeved, because it’s cold here. So in autumn, we usually just wear 長袖衫 (coeng4 zau6 saam1) “long-sleeved shirts”.
著長袖衫可以避免俾蚊咬。 (zoek3 coeng4 zau6 saam1 ho2 ji5 bei6 min5 bei2 man1 ngaau5.) Wearing long-sleeved shirts can avoid getting mosquito bites.
9. 落葉 (lok6 jip6) “falling leaves”
秋天一到,成條街都係落葉。 (cau1 tin1 jat1 dou3, seng4 tiu4 gaai1 dou1 hai6 lok6 jip6.) “When the autumn arrives, the street is full of fallen leaves.”
I don’t see that much leaves in Hong Kong, but in Japan and Canada and many other countries, you can see a lot of falling leaves everywhere. It’s quite nice and sometimes they’re crispy so I like stepping on them and hear that sound. I think a lot of people like that too, do you? Let us know in the comment.
10. 感恩節 (gam2 jan1 zit3) “Thanksgiving”
感恩節 (gam2 jan1 zit3) is usually in November so it’s autumn time and in a sentence…
喺感恩節食火雞係美國人嘅傳統。 (hai2 gam2 jan1 zit3 sik6 fo2 gai1 hai6 mei5 gwok3 jan4 ge3 cyun4 tung2.) “Eating turkey on Thanksgiving is an American tradition.”
In Hong Kong now, during Thanksgiving, you can actually find restaurants that serve like a huge turkey dinner. It’s pretty good so even when you’re in Hong Kong, you can spend Thanksgiving like you were in US without the whole family.
So that’s it for today. Today, we talked about top 10 autumn words and autumn is one of my favorite seasons. What about you? What season do you like the most? Please let us know in the comment section. If you like this video, please subscribe to our channel. My name is Olivia. Also, please check out CantoneseClass101.com for the worklist and explanation on each word and terms and phrases that we talked about. So I’ll see you next time in other videos. See you! Bye!