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Lesson Transcript

Hi, guys, welcome to Cantonese Top Words. My name is Olivia. Today we are on the beach, and we’re going to talk about 20 Words You'll Need for the Beach.
First is…
1. 沙灘 (saa1 taan1) "beach"
沙 (saa1) is "sand;“ so 沙灘 (saa1 taan1) is ”beach."
呢間酒店好近沙灘。 (ni1 gaan1 zau2 dim3 hou2 kan5 saa1 taan1.) "This hotel is very close to the beach."
And we are on English Bay today, look!
And the sun just set.
2. 太陽眼鏡 (taai3 joeng4 ngaan5 geng2) "sunglasses"
See, I have 太陽眼鏡 (taai3 joeng4 ngaan5 geng2) here.
去沙灘記得戴太陽眼鏡。 (heoi3 saa1 taan1 gei3 dak1 daai3 taai3 joeng4 ngaan5 geng2.) "Remember to bring your sunglasses when going to the beach."
3. 游水 (jau4 seoi2) "swimming"
游水嘅好處就係可以保持苗條。 (jau4 seoi2 ge3 hou2 cyu3 zau6 hai6 ho2 ji5 bou2 ci4 miu2 tiu2.) "The advantage of swimming is staying slim."
See, I’m slim. But I don’t really swim that much. Do you like swimming? I used to swim a lot but not anymore.
4. 太陽 (taai3 joeng4) "sun"
太陽落山喇。(taai3 joeng4 lok6 saan1 laa3) “the sun is setting”
我哋要喺太陽落山之前返營地。 (ngo5 dei6 jiu3 hai2 taai3 joeng4 lok6 saan1 zi1 cin4 faan2 jing4 dei6.) "We have to go back to the campsite before the sun goes down."
Or else it’s too dark!
5. 棕櫚樹 (zung1 leoi2 syu6) "palm tree"
夏威夷嘅棕櫚樹同沙灘最迷人。 (haa6 wai1 ji4 ge3 zung1 leoi2 syu6 tung4 saa1 taan1 zeoi3 mai4 jan4.) "The palm trees and beach in Hawaii are the most fascinating."
I’ve never been to Hawaii, I want to go, too!
6. 貝殼 (bui3 hok6) "seashell"
Is there any 貝殼 (bui3 hok6)? I think this is a 貝殼 (bui3 hok6), part of a 貝殼 (bui3 hok6), part of a shell.
呢個係我親手做嘅貝殼首飾。 (ni1 go3 hai6 ngo5 can1 sau2 zou6 ge3 bui3 hok6 sau2 sik1.) "This is my handmade, seashell accessory."
7. 泳衣 (wing6 ji1) "swimsuit"
我最鍾意嘅泳衣係比堅尼。 (ngo5 zeoi3 zung1 ji3 ge3 wing6 ji1 hai6 bei2 gin1 nei4.) "My favorite swimsuit is the bikini."
I think that’s what most people like.
8. 海 (hoi2) "ocean"
地球嘅七成面積都係海。 (dei6 kau4 ge3 cat1 sing4 min6 zik1 dou1 hai6 hoi2.) "70% of the earth's surface is covered by ocean."
So I’m facing the ocean as I’m filming this video, it’s fantastic.
9. 救生員 (gau3 sang1 jyun4) "lifeguard"
Like Baywatch?!
救生員要受專業嘅訓練。 (gau3 sang1 jyun4 jiu3 sau6 zyun1 jip6 ge3 fan3 lin6.) "Lifeguards have to receive professional training."
Do you know any lifeguards? I think I have some friends who used to be lifeguards, and then they went to work at an I-bank, so it’s a totally different occupation.
10. 水上電單車 (seoi2 soeng6 din6 daan1 ce1) "jet ski"
好多遊客都鍾意去泰國玩水上電單車。 (hou2 do1 jau4 haak3 dou1 zung1 ji3 heoi3 taai3 gwok3 waan2 seoi2 soeng6 din6 daan1 ce1.) "Many tourists love to go to Thailand for jet skiing."
I used to go to Thailand for wakeboarding, but never tried jet skiing. I think I’m afraid that I would crash.
11. 沙灘巾 (saa1 taan1 gan1) "beach towel"
佢最鍾意有卡通人物嘅沙灘巾。 (keoi5 zeoi3 zung1 ji3 jau5 kaa1 tung1 jan4 mat2 ge3 saa1 taan1 gan1.) "She loves the beach towel with the cartoon characters on it."
I have my 沙灘巾 (saa1 taan1 gan1) here, look!
12. 沙城堡 (saa1 sing4 bou2) "sand castle"
沙(saa1) is ”sand;” 城堡 (sing4 bou2) is “castle.”
好多細路喺沙灘砌沙城堡。 (hou2 do1 sai3 lou6 hai2 saa1 taan1 cai3 saa1 sing4 bou2.) "Lots of small kids are making sand castles on the beach."
13. 冰箱 (bing1 soeng1) "cooler"
So we bring drinks to the beach in a cooler.
夏天去郊外野餐會帶冰箱。 (haa6 tin1 heoi3 gaau1 ngoi6 je5 caan1 wui5 daai3 bing1 soeng1.) "We bring coolers when we go picnic in the summer."
Too noisy! Helicopter! And people singing. Look!
14. 潮汐 (ciu4 zik6) "tide"
潮汐嘅漲退同月球引力有關。 (ciu4 zik6 ge3 zoeng3 teoi3 tung4 jyut6 kau4 jan5 lik6 jau5 gwaan1.) "The high or low tide is affected by the gravitational force of the moon."
15. 曬太陽 (saai3 taai3 joeng4) "tan"
曬(saai3) is “to be exposed;” 太陽(taai3 joeng4) is “sun.” So, 曬太陽 (saai3 taai3 joeng4) ”to tan; to get a sunbathe“
大部分女士都好怕曬太陽。 (daai6 bou6 fan6 neoi5 si6 dou1 hou2 paa3 saai3 taai3 joeng4.) "Most of the ladies do not like to have tan skin."
I think that's for Asian ladies, because for Asian culture, the whiter your skin, the paler your skin, it means you are from a better family, or you don’t have to work outside. So, for Asian girls they like to stay white and pale.
16. 浮潛 (fau4 cim4) "snorkeling"
珊瑚灣係遊客嘅浮潛熱點。 (saan1 wu4 waan1 hai6 jau4 haak3 ge3 fau4 cim4 jit6 dim2.) "Coral Bay is the hot spot for tourists to try snorkeling."
17. 人字拖 (jan4 zi6 to1) "flip-flop"
人(jan4) is “people;” but because of the shape, it’s like this…
So a slipper with the shape that hold on to your feet like that, it’s called “flip-flop.”
去沙灘著人字拖方便又舒服。 (heoi3 saa1 taan1 zoek3 jan4 zi6 to1 fong1 bin6 jau6 syu1 fuk6.) "It is convenient and comfortable to wear flip-flops to the beach."
I did not wear flip-flops today, tough.
18. 防曬霜 (fong4 saai3 soeng1) "sunscreen"
防(fong4) “to avoid;” 曬(saai3) is “to tan;” and 霜 is like “ointment” or “cream.”
So 防曬霜 (fong4 saai3 soeng1) "sunscreen"
搽防曬霜可以預防皮膚癌。 (caa4 fong4 saai3 soeng1 ho2 ji5 jyu6 fong4 pei4 fu1 ngaam4.) "You can prevent skin cancer by putting on sunscreen."
That is also what Hugh Jackman promotes, I heard. Because he has experience of first stage of skin cancer, I heard. So he always tell people to put on sunscreen.
19. 比堅尼 (bei2 gin1 nei4) "bikini"
今年夏天興一件頭多過比堅尼。 (gam1 nin4 haa6 tin1 hing1 jat1 gin6 tau2 do1 gwo3 bei2 gin1 nei4.) "One-piece swimsuits are more fashionable than bikinis this summer."
I agree! There’re so many really cool cut-out one-pieces this year. So I’m looking forward to get one for myself.
20. 沙灘排球 (saa1 taan1 paai4 kau4) "beach volleyball"
去沙灘除咗游水仲可以打沙灘排球。 (heoi3 saa1 taan1 ceoi4 zo2 jau4 seoi2 zung6 ho2 ji5 daa2 saa1 taan1 paai4 kau4.) "Besides swimming, you can also play beach volleyball when you go to the beach."
I think sometimes people… Oh! There are people playing beach volleyball here, let’s see.
Not sure if you could see people playing beach volleyball over there, but yeah, people are playing beach volleyball here.
So that’s it for today, today we talked about 20 Words You'll Need for the Beach. And we are… I’m on holiday in Vancouver, and we’re on English Bay. So I hope you enjoyed the view here. And I hope to see you soon in other videos. If you like this video, please subscribe to our channel, and check out CantoneseClass101.com for the word list. My name is Olivia, and I’ll see you next time. Bye!


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