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Lesson Transcript

Hi guys! Welcome to Cantonese Top Words. My name is Olivia. Today we're going to talk about Top 10 Most Common Tourist Vocabularies.
Are you traveling to Hong Kong soon? Let's see the terms that you can use. Here we go!
1. 飛 (fei1) "ticket"
請問喺邊度買飛? (cing2 man6 hai2 bin1 dou6 maai5 fei1?) "May I ask where I can buy the ticket?"
The ticket window is over there.
2. 遊客 (jau4 haak3) "tourist"
遊客買嘢有九折。 (jau4 haak3 maai5 je5 jau5 gau2 zit3.) "Tourists can enjoy 10% off shopping discount."
This doesn't apply everywhere in Hong Kong, but in some shops or department stores, they do offer discounts for tourists, so bring your passport with you.
3. 指南 (zi2 naam4) "guidebook"
我想買本日本嘅旅遊指南。 (ngo5 soeng2 maai5 bun2 jat6 bun2 ge3 leoi5 jau4 zi2 naam4.) "I would like to buy a guidebook about visiting Japan."
Those are really handy, though it's usually about where to eat and where to go shopping. I don't shop much so those are not that useful for me.
4. 旅遊巴 (leoi5 jau4 baa1) "tour bus"
遊客可以搭旅遊巴去迪士尼樂園。 (jau4 haak3 ho2 ji3 daap3 leoi5 jau4 baa1 heoi3 dik6 si6 nei4 lok6 jyun4.) "Tourists can take the tour bus to go to Disneyland."
5. 廟 (miu2) "temple"
呢間廟香火鼎盛。 (ni1 gaan1 miu2 hoeng1 fo2 ding2 sing6.) "This temple has a large number of visitors."
6. 清真寺 (cing1 zan1 zi2) "mosque"
九龍公園嘅清真寺歷史悠久。 (gau2 lung4 gung1 jyun2 ge3 cing1 zan1 zi2 lik6 si2 jau4 gau2.) "The mosque near the Kowloon Park has a long history."
It's a very famous mosque in Hong Kong, it's in the center of a tourist attraction, so you're likely to pass by it all the time.
7. 教堂 (gaau3 tong2) "church"
澳門有好多教堂都被列入世界遺產名錄。 (ou3 mun2 jau5 hou2 do1 gaau3 tong2 dou1 bei6 lit6 jap6 sai3 gaai3 wai4 caan2 ming4 luk6.) "Lots of churches in Macau were listed as World Heritage Sites."
They're really nice, they are Portuguese-style as well.
8. 瀑布 (buk6 bou3) "waterfall"
香港有好多好靚嘅瀑布,例如新娘潭瀑布。 (hoeng1 gong2 jau5 hou2 do1 hou2 leng3 ge3 buk6 bou3, lai6 jyu4 san1 noeng4 taam4 buk6 bou3.) "There are lots of beautiful waterfalls in Hong Kong. For example, the Bride's Pool Waterfall."
I have been there when I was a kid, it was very nice. It's very different than other parts of Hong Kong.
9. 旅遊 (leoi5 jau4) "tour"
香港旅遊發展局向遊客推廣登山旅遊。 (hoeng1 gong2 leoi5 jau4 faat3 zin2 guk2 hoeng3 jau4 haak3 teoi1 gwong2 dang1 saan1 leoi5 jau4.) "Hong Kong Tourism Board promotes the hiking tour to tourists."
I love hiking tours. Dragon back is one of the famous hiking trails in Hong Kong, try it if you have a chance.
10. 導遊 (dou6 jau4) "guide"
我唔想畀貼士個導遊,因為佢服務好差。 (ngo5 m4 soeng2 bei2 tip1 si2 go3 dou6 jau4, jan1 wai6 keoi5 fuk6 mou6 taai3 caa1.) "I don't want to give any tips to the tour guide because his service is so bad."
But I guess it's compulsory to give tips to the tour guide? I don't know.
Yes, so that's it for today. Today we talked about Top 10 Most Common Tourist Vocabularies.
I hope it's useful for your next travel. And I'll see you in the next video. My name is Olivia, see you next time!