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Lesson Transcript

Hi guys, welcome to Cantonese Top Words by CantoneseClass101.com
My name is Olivia, today we're going to talk about top 10 Phrases Tourists Should Never Use. Never use these!
1. 好核突呀! (hou2 wat6 dat6 aa3!) "That's disgusting!"
Even if it's disgusting you should not say it, I guess.
核突(wat6 dat6) means "ugly" or "disgusting," so
好核突呀! (hou2 wat6 dat6 aa3!) "That's disgusting!"
2. 我國家好啲。 (ngo5 gwok3 gaa1 hou2 di1.) "My country is better."
Why do you travel if you think your country is always better? Of course, every country has their good and bad, but you should be open-minded and absorb all the new
experience, even if it's better or worse.
3. 我寧願返屋企。 (ngo5 ning4 jyun2 faan1 uk1 kei2.) "I'd rather be back home."
Then don't go traveling; you should enjoy traveling instead of complaining all the time.
4. 收聲! (sau1 seng1!) "Shut up!"
Even if you're not traveling, that's not a very nice phrase to say, to tell people to shut up, that's not very good.
5. 我對你哋嘅文化冇乜興趣。 (ngo5 deoi3 nei5 dei6 ge3 man4 faa3 mou5 mat1 hing3 ceoi3.) "I'm not very interested in your culture."
Never say things like that, that's just mean and then you should always respect other people and their culture.
6. 去麥當勞食算啦。 (heoi3 mak6 dong1 lou4 sik6 syun3 laa1.) "Let's just eat at McDonald's."
Then why do you travel, again? I hate globalization because you can find McDonald's or KFC or Starbucks everywhere, and for some people even when they're traveling they stick to what they are comfortable with, but they should actually try new food at the new place, new cuisine in a new country.
7. 好悶呀! (hou2 mun6 aa3!) "Boring!"
悶 (mun6) is "boring," so 好悶呀! (hou2 mun6 aa3!) is to complain that something is very boring.
Usually, only young people or teenagers say that, I stopped saying boring for a long time.
8. 呢個好難食。 (ni1 go3 hou2 naan4 sik6.) "This tastes awful."
So 難(naan4) is "difficult," 食(sik) is "to eat."
難食(naan4 sik6) is "awful," the food is bad.
You can say it in your heart, just don't say it out loud, it's just not okay unless you have to complain to the restaurant that they have some problem with the food.
9. 咁蠢㗎! (gam3 ceon2 gaa3!) "This is stupid."
咁蠢㗎! (gam3 ceon2 gaa3!) "This is so stupid."
蠢(ceon2) is "stupid."
10. 你哋咁野蠻㗎! (nei5 dei6 gam3 je5 maan4 gaa3!) "You people are uncivilized."
You may say that in your mind but I guess you should not say that out loud.
野蠻 (je5 maan4) means “rude” or “uncivilized,” so “you guys are so uncivilized,” 你哋咁野蠻㗎! (nei5 dei6 gam3 je5 maan4 gaa3!)
So that's it for today! Today we talk about Top 10 Phrases Tourists Should Never Use. So don't use these phrases and try to enjoy your travel, your new environment.
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So I'll see you next time, my name is Olivia. Bye!


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my favorite phrase is 我寧願返屋企


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