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Lesson Transcript

Hi, guys! Welcome to Cantonese Top Words. My name is Olivia and today, we are going to talk about 10 most romantic ideas for a date. Are you going on a date soon? Here are some ideas. Here we go!
1. 燭光晚餐 (zuk1 gwong1 maan5 caan1) "candlelit dinner"
今日係我哋週年紀念,我哋會去燭光晚餐。 (gam1 jat6 hai6 ngo5 dei6 zau1 nin4 gei2 nim6, ngo5 dei6 wui5 heoi3 zuk1 gwong1 maan5 caan1.) "Today is our anniversary; we're going to have candlelight dinner."
Aren’t those expensive? Candlelight dinner - 燭光 (zuk1 gwong1) is “candlelight” and “dinner” is 晚餐 (maan5 caan1) so 燭光晚餐 (zuk1 gwong1 maan5 caan1) "candlelight dinner". Usually, people go for a Valentine’s Day or Christmas for candlelight dinner or anniversary. How about you?
2. 去散步 (heoi3 saan3 bou6) "to go for a walk"
爹哋媽咪每日都會去散步。 (de1 di4 maa1 mi4 mui5 jat6 dou1 wui5 heoi3 saan3 bou6.) "Father and mother go for a walk every day."
Especially after dinner, they would go for a walk. It’s healthy and it’s kind of nice like the sun is setting and you’re having a walk, talking about everything. I like this kind of date.
3. 打保齡 (daa2 bou2 ling4) "to go bowling"
今日落大雨,改去打保齡算啦! (gam1 jat6 lok6 daai6 jyu5, goi2 heoi3 daa2 bou2 ling4 syun3 laa1!) "It is raining heavily today. We'd better go bowling instead."
If you already had a plan like picnic or something and it’s raining then you can change the plan to indoor activity like bowling - 打保齡 (daa2 bou2 ling4). I don’t think many people go bowling as a date. Do you?
4. 去水族館 (heoi3 seoi2 zuk6 gun2) "to go to the aquarium"
Oh 水族館 (seoi2 zuk6 gun2) “aquarium”. I like 水族館 (seoi2 zuk6 gun2).
佢哋去水族館拍拖,真係浪漫。 (keoi5 dei6 heoi3 seoi2 zuk6 gun2 paak3 to1, zan1 hai6 long4 maan6.) "They are having a date at the aquarium, that's so romantic."
I agree. In some aquariums, they have nice restaurants too so after you look at the fishes, you can have nice meal, not seafood meal maybe.
5. 去睇歌劇 (heoi3 tai2 go1 kek6) "to go to the opera"
帶女朋友去睇歌劇會唔會悶親佢呀? (daai3 neoi5 pang4 jau5 heoi3 tai2 go1 kek6 wui5 m4 wui5 mun6 can1 keoi5 aa3?) "Don't you think taking a girlfriend to see opera will make her feel bored?"
Well not me, I love operas. I would love to go on an opera date. That would be a more cultural side. Have you ever been on an opera date? What did you watch? What did you see?
6. 野餐 (je5 caan1) "to have a picnic"
咁好天氣,不如去野餐! (gam3 hou2 tin1 hei3, bat1 jyu4 heoi3 je5 caan1!) "The weather is so great! Let's go picnic!"
Yeah, I love picnic dates and you can bring any food you like and go to just a park or national park and relax and look at the sky and talk. That’s a nice date.
7. 坐渡輪 (co5 dou6 leon4) "to take a ferry ride"
同女朋友坐渡輪欣賞維港夜景都幾浪漫。 (tung4 neoi5 pang4 jau5 co5 dou6 leon4 jan1 soeng2 wai4 gong2 je6 ging2 dou1 gei2 long6 maan6.) "Taking a ferry ride to enjoy the Victoria Harbor night view with a girlfriend is so romantic."
I agree. I love taking the ferry and especially at night, the night view is excellent, but it’s very short, I think 7-10 minutes so that would be a very short date if that’s all you’re doing. But of course, there are many catering yacht that you can go on. They serve drinks and I think they will be on the harbor for like an hour or so, so that would be a nice kind of date too.
8. 喺沙灘散步 (hai2 saa1 taan1 saan3 bou6) "to walk on the beach"
So a lot of people are walking on the beach right now so they are 散步 (saan3 bou6). Maybe they’re having a date, I don’t know. 散步 (saan3 bou6) is like “to have a walk / to stroll” so 喺沙灘 (hai2 saa1 taan1) is “at the beach”.
So in a sentence - 佢哋有時喺沙灘散步,執吓貝殼。 (keoi5 dei6 jau5 si4 hai2 saa1 taan1 saan3 bou6, zap1 haa2 bui3 hok6.) "They usually take a walk at the beach and collect seashells."
Yeah, some people, every time they go to the beach, they would pick the best seashell to get home as a souvenir and they put it in a nice bowl. I don’t think I’ve ever been on a date like walking on the beach kind of date. Have you? Let us know.
9. 學陶瓷 (hok6 tou4 ci4) "to take a pottery class"
學 (hok6) is “to learn”, 陶瓷 (tou4 ci4) is “pottery”. So instead of saying 學陶瓷班 (hok6 tou4 ci4 baan1) or “to go on a pottery class”, we just say 學陶瓷 (hok6 tou4 ci4). It’s like “to learn pottery”.
我想去學陶瓷,你去唔去? (ngo5 soeng2 heoi3 hok6 tou4 ci4, nei5 heoi3 m4 heoi3?) "I want to take a pottery class; want to come with?"
Yeah, it’s like the movie Ghost. Every time we talk about pottery or ceramic, all we can think about is Ghost so it’s romantic in a way.
10. 去博物館 (heoi3 bok3 mat6 gun2) "to go to the museum"
博物館 (bok3 mat6 gun2) is “museum”.
佢同女朋友都鍾意去博物館睇藝術展覽。 (keoi5 tung4 neoi5 pang4 jau5 dou1 zung1 ji3 heoi3 bok3 mat6 gun2 tai2 ngai6 seot6 zin2 laam5.) "He and his girlfriend both enjoy going to the museum to see art exhibition." 藝術展覽 (ngai6 seot6 zin2 laam5) “art exhibition”.
I love going to the “museum” 博物館 (bok3 mat6 gun2), but there isn’t a lot in Hong Kong, but whenever we travel, we can go see a lot of museums.
So which one was your favorite date idea? Are you going to go on a date soon? Are you going to do any of the above soon? Let us know in the comment section and how it turns out and if you have other suggestions, please let us know. My name is Olivia and I’ll see you next time. Bye!


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Hello robert groulx,

You are very welcome. 😇

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thanks for the lsson

my favorite strtegy is 帶女朋友去睇歌劇會唔會悶親佢呀?


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Hi Dany Tran,

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You can consider 悶親 (mun6 can1) together as a verb to tell "make someone feel bored". 😉


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I know 悶 is bored, but why we use 親 after 悶?