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Lesson Transcript

Hi guys! Welcome back to Cantonese Top Words. Today I'm traveling, and I'm gonna show you where I am later, you can guess where I am. But I'm going to talk about Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Hong Kong today. So, here we go!
The first one is...
1. 淺水灣 (cin2 seoi2 waan1) "Repulse Bay"
淺水灣有個好靚嘅沙灘。 (cin2 seoi2 waan1 jau5 go3 hou2 leng3 ge3 saa1 taan1.) "There is a very beautiful beach at Repulse Bay."
Many people will go sun tanning or even surfing there, and sometimes you can swim, and... swim, mostly, and sun tan.
2. 太平山 (taai3 ping4 saan1) "Victoria Peak"
你可以搭纜車上太平山頂。 (nei5 ho2 ji5 daap3 laam6 ce1 soeng5 taai3 ping4 saan1 deng2.) "You can take the Peak Tram to the Victoria Peak."
It's very nice and one of the must-do's when people go visit Hong Kong. I hope you get to go, too. I've been on the tram, like, the Peak tram many times, and it's been very nice. And, better get a seat in the front, and you'll get a very nice view.
3. 維多利亞港 (wai4 do1 lei6 aa3 gong2) "Victoria Harbour"
This is, like, the most famous part of Hong Kong. And I pass by it almost every day, it's a very nice place to go. And at night, I love to go there to look at the night view of Hong Kong.
So in a sentence...
維多利亞港嘅夜景世界聞名。 (wai4 do1 lei6 aa3 gong2 ge3 je6 ging2 sai3 gaai3 man4 ming4.) "The night view of the Victoria Harbour is world-famous."
In most case, we would shorten 維多利亞港 (wai4 do1 lei6 aa3 gong2) "Victoria Harbour" to 維港 (wai4 gong2).
維港 (wai4 gong2), so the first word and the last word.
And if you go there around eight at night, there is a symphony show, like, a light show; all the buildings will light up according to the music, it's a really nice show.
I hope you get to see it. The best place to see it is by the Star Ferry in Tsim Sha Tsui, there, you can even hear the music and have a very good view in front of the harbor. So, it's close to where the Avenue of Stars is, so, in between Avenue of Stars and the Star Ferry pier, that is a long stretch of harbor-side walkway where you can watch the show. It's very nice.
4. 香港迪士尼樂園 (hoeng1 gong2 dik6 si6 nei4 lok6 jyun4) "Hong Kong Disneyland"
我哋今日去香港迪士尼樂園。 (ngo5 dei6 gam1 jat6 heoi3 hoeng1 gong2 dik6 si6 nei4 lok6 jyun4.) "We're going to Hong Kong Disneyland today."
Hong Kong Disneyland is actually a bit smaller than DisneyWorld, but it's nice. There are a lot of tourists there, too, so get your tickets soon.
5. 女人街 (neoi5 jan2 gaai1) "Ladies' Market"
So, at Ladies' Market, people go shopping. It's usually filled with a lot of... it's mostly street vendors selling pirated goods or souvenirs. So, it would be something different than what you can find at the shopping mall.
I got a short video clip for you here.
好多遊客鍾意去女人街買手信。 (hou2 do1 jau4 haak3 zung1 ji3 heoi3 neoi5 jan2 gaai1 maai5 sau2 seon3.) "Many tourists like to go to the Ladies' Market to buy souvenirs."
6. 海洋公園 (hoi2 joeng4 gung1 jyun2) "Ocean Park, Hong Kong"
One of my favorites. For school trip, we usually go to Ocean Park when we were in primary school. And even when we get older, we go dating, or when we have kids, we usually go to Ocean Park. So Ocean Park is more sentimental than Disneyland because Disneyland is newer. But yeah, I like Ocean Park, they also have a very nice aquarium there.
海洋公園嘅熊貓好得意。 (hoi2 joeng4 gung1 jyun2 ge3 hung4 maau1 hou2 dak1 ji3.) "The pandas in Ocean Park are very cute."
Yes, there are two famous pandas in Ocean Park, and if you want to have a wedding with pandas as your witness, you can do that at the Ocean Park, too. There was a pair of celebrity who did that, they had a wedding at Ocean Park and On-on and Gai-gai, tha pandas, were witness for the wedding. That's pretty cool!
(Note: Gai-Gai passed away in 2016 T_T)
7. 昂坪360 (ngong5 ping4 saam1 luk6 ling4 ) "Ngong Ping 360 cable car"
我哋坐昂坪360去睇大佛。 (ngo5 dei6 co5 ngong5 ping4 saam1 luk6 ling4 heoi3 tai2 daai6 fat6.) "We take the Ngong Ping 360 cable car to see the big Buddha."
I like this cable car very much, it's actually very long. It stretches above the mountain and the ocean, you get to see a lot of Hong Kong, especially the green side of Hong Kong. After that, you can go look at the big Buddha, that's also one of the main Hong Kong tourist attraction.
Oh! And there's always a long line-up, so better book your ticket online before, like, the day before you go.
8. 香港仔珍寶海鮮舫 (hoeng1 gong2 zai2 zan1 bou2 hoi2 sin1 fong1) "Aberdeen Jumbo Floating Restaurant"
It's a famous seafood restaurant that is in, kinda like a boathouse. It's a floating restaurant, though it doesn't really move that much, it's very solid, so you won't get seasick or nauseous in the restaurant.
In a sentence...
遊客好鍾意去香港仔珍寶海鮮舫食海鮮。 (jau4 haak3 hou2 zung1 ji3 heoi3 hoeng1 gong2 zai2 zan1 bou2 hoi2 sin1 fong1 sik6 hoi2 sin1.) "Tourists love to go to the Aberdeen Jumbo Floating Restaurant to eat seafood."
So, to get to the restaurant, you have to take a little boat to get there, it's a pretty cool experience, and you get to see the older side of Hong Kong, which Hong Kong used to be a fishing village, so there were a lot of near-water activities or culture. Yeah, so I hope you get to try it out.
9. 蘭桂坊 (laan4 gwai3 fong1) "Lan Kwai Fong"
好多年輕人鍾意去蘭桂坊飲酒。 (hou2 do1 nin4 hing1 jan4 zung1 ji3 heoi3 laan4 gwai3 fong1 jam2 zau2.) "Many young people like to go drinking at Lan Kwai Fong."
I used to go drinking at Lan Kwai Fong too, it's a famous bar and clubbing area with also some fancy restaurants. So that's the main nightlife area for Hong Kong people, and there're a lot of expats and tourists there as well. Some bars have live music performances so those are pretty nice.
10. 赤柱市集 (cek3 cyu5 si5 zaap6) "Stanley Market "
So Stanley is kinda like a beach area, where there's a beach and restaurants and bars and a market, also people go there for barbecue outdoor as well. There are also a lot of activities like stand-up paddleboard, kayaking, stuff like that. And some people go camping there, too, I think. I'm not sure if it's legal though.
Anyways, in a sentence...
赤柱市集附近嘅餐廳同酒吧好有歐陸式風味。 (cek3 cyu5 si5 zaap6 fu6 gan6 ge3 caan1 teng1 tung4 zau2 baa1 hou2 jau5 au1 luk6 sik1 fung1 mei6.) "The restaurants and bars near the Stanley Market are rich in European style."
I guess because it's catered for expats or tourists, so it's European style.
So that's it for today, today we talked about Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Hong Kong. I hope you get to see all those places when you visit Hong Kong, those are pretty nice places. I would bring my friends to these places when they visit, and sometimes I go there by myself as well.
And now, I'm going to tell you where I am. So this is Lake Louise in Canada, in Alberta, Canada. Lake Louise, the very famous lake, and it is so nice here, isn't it?
I'm still on holiday but if you like this video, please subscribe to the channel and let us know in the comment what you want to know in Cantonese. And please check out CantoneseClass101.com for the word list and explanation on all the words, and you can even get a free lifetime account there. So, my name is Olivia, and I hope I'll see you again in the next video. Bye! See you!