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Lesson Transcript

Hi guys, my name is Olivia, and welcome back to Cantonese Top Words. Today, we're going to talk about 10 Must Know Math Words.
Do you like math? I do. Many people don't.
So here we go!
1. 數學 (sou3 hok6) "math"
數學係我最鍾意嘅科目。 (sou3 hok6 hai6 ngo5 zeoi3 zung1 ji3 ge3 fo1 muk6.) "The subject I like most is mathematics."
科目 (fo1 muk6) is "subject"
鍾意 (zung1 ji3) is "like"
最 (zeoi3) "the most"
So, 最鍾意 (zeoi3 zung1 ji3) is "the one I like the most," "my favorite."
2. 號碼 (hou6 maa5) "number"
唔該寫低你個名同電話號碼。 (m4 goi1 se2 dai1 nei5 go3 meng2 tung4 din6 waa2 hou6 maa5.) "Please write down your name and telephone number."
電話號碼 (din6 waa2 hou6 maa5) is "phone number"
電話 (din6 waa2) is "phone"
號碼 (hou6 maa5) is "number"
And sometimes in Hong Kong, you would hear people just say 冧巴 (lam1 baa2), which is a loanword for "number."
So 冧巴 (lam1 baa2), you can also use that, it's much easier than 號碼 (hou6 maa5).
3. 一半 (jat1 bun3) "half"
半 (bun3) is "half", so 1/2 of a whole is "half".
佢將一半嘅財產捐畀慈善基構。 (keoi5 zoeng1 jat1 bun3 ge3 coi4 caan2 gyun1 bei2 ci4 sin6 gei1 kau3.) "He donated half of his property to the charity organization."
That's very nice.
我食咗半個蛋糕。 (ngo5 sik6 zo2 bun3 go3 daan6 gou1.) "I ate half a cake."
So next,
4. 百分之... (baak3 fan6 zi1...) "percentage"
百分之二十 (baak3 fan6 zi1 ji6 sap6) is "20 out of 100," so "20%"
百分之十 (baak3 fan6 zi1 sap6) "10%"
百分之... (baak3 fan6 zi1...) means "out of 100"
So after 百分之... (baak3 fan6 zi1...), you put the number, that is the percentage.
百分之十 (baak3 fan6 zi1 sap6) "10%"
今年營運有百分之十嘅增長。 (gam1 nin2 jing4 wan6 jau5 baak3 fan6 zi1 sap6 ge3 zang1 zoeng2.) "There's a ten percent growth in business this year."
5. 雙數 (soeng1 sou3) "even number"
雙 (soeng1) is "a pair"
呢個星期嘅六合彩中獎號碼全部都係雙數。 (ni1 go3 sing1 kei4 ge3 luk6 hap6 coi2 zung3 zoeng2 hou6 maa5 cyun4 bou6 dou1 hai6 soeng1 sou3.) "The winning numbers of this week's Mark Six are all even numbers."
Mark Six is the lottery in Hong Kong.
6. 單數 (daan1 sou3) "odd number"
一,三,五,七,九都係單數。 (jat1, saam1, ng5, cat1, gau2 dou1 hai6 daan1 sou3.) "1, 3, 5, 7, 9 are odd numbers."
7. 計算 (gai3 syun3) "calculate"
(ging1 gwo3 fo1 hok6 gaa1 ge3 zing1 mat6 gai3 syun3, zung1 jyu1 sing4 gung1 jin4 faat3 taai3 joeng4 nang4 hei3 ce1.)
"Through the precise calculations of the scientist, finally the solar power automobile is successfully invented."
8. 加 (gaa1) "plus"
一加一係二。(jat1 gaa1 jat1 hai6 ji6.) "One plus one is two."
Or we can use it in a more complicated sentence. For example,
(uk1 zou1 hou2 gwai3, zung6 jiu3 gaa1 maai4 seoi2 fai3 tung4 din6 fai3 ge3 hoi1 zi1.)
"The rent is so expensive, plus the expenditure for water and electricity."
9. 減 (gaam2) "minus"
二減一係一。(ji6 gaam2 jat1 hai6 jat1.) "Two minus one is one."
10. 乘 (sing4) "times" or "multiply"
六乘四等如廿四。 (luk6 sing4 sei3 dang2 jyu4 jaa6 sei3.)
六四廿四 (luk6 sei3 jaa6 sei3)
"Six multiplied by four equals twenty-four."
So today we talked about 10 Must Know Math Words. Please let us know if you love or hate math, leave it in the comment section. And I'll see you next time. My name is Olivia. Bye! See-ya!


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Hello kimmae,

號碼(hou6 maa5) ~ number

號數(hou6 sou3) ~ number

電話號碼(din6 waa2 hou6 maa5) sounds more natural than 電話號數(din6 waa2 hou6 sou3.)


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what is the difference between hou maa and hou sou? can you say din waa hou sou?