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Lesson Transcript

Hi, guys! Welcome to Cantonese Top Words. Today, we are going to teach you 10 phrases for bad students. I know you’re not bad students because you’re watching the video, but we thought it will be fun. Let’s start!
1. 走堂 (zau2 tong4) “skip class”
因為佢琴日走堂,所以唔知今日要交功課。 (jan1 wai6 keoi5 kam4 jat6 zau2 tong4, so2 ji3 m4 zi1 gam1 jat6 jiu3 gaau1 gung1 fo3.) “Because he skipped class yesterday, he doesn't know that we have to hand in the homework today.”
Served him well.
2. 冇做功課 (mou5 zou6 gung1 fo3) “not do homework”
Next...冇做功課 (mou5 zou6 gung1 fo3) “not do homework”.
暑假咁長,你都冇做功課? (syu2 gaa2 gam3 coeng4, nei5 dou1 mou5 zou6 gung1 fo3?) “The summer holiday was so long, and you still didn't do your homework?”
Yes in Hong Kong actually, in summer holidays, we do have homework.
3. 上堂瞓覺 (soeng5 tong4 fan3 gaau3) “sleep in class”
Next...上堂瞓覺 (soeng5 tong4 fan3 gaau3) “sleep in class” 上堂瞓覺 (soeng5 tong4 fan3 gaau3), that’s bad. That would be very depressing for the teacher.
千祈唔好上堂瞓覺! (cin1 kei4 m4 hou2 soeng5 tong4 fan3 gaau3!) “Don't you ever sleep in class!”
4. 測驗出貓 (caak1 jim6 ceot1 maau1) “cheat on a test”
測驗 (caak1 jim6) is “test” and 出貓 (ceot1 maau1) literally is “to put a cat out”, but actually in Cantonese, it means cheating.
佢測驗出貓,所以先生俾零分佢。 (keoi5 caak1 jim6 ceot1 maau1, so2 ji3 sin1 saang1 bei2 ling4 fan1 keoi5.) “She cheated on the test so the teacher decided to give her zero marks.”
That’s usually how teachers do if they caught you cheating. They’ll just mark your paper zero.
5. 上堂傾計 (soeng5 tong4 king1 gai2) “chat in class”
Next is… 上堂傾計 (soeng5 tong4 king1 gai2) “chatting in class”
傾計 (king1 gai2) is to talk. Normally, 傾計 (king1 gai2) is good, but if you talk in class, that is again, not respective to the teacher.
佢哋上堂傾計,嘈住我聽書。 (keoi5 dei6 soeng5 tong4 king1 gai2, cou4 zyu6 ngo5 teng1 syu1.) “They are chatting in class, so I cannot hear what the teacher was saying.”
Yes, not only it’s not respective to the teacher, it’s annoying to the other students too.
6. 逃學 (tou4 hok6) “truant”
Next word is…逃學 (tou4 hok6) “truant”, 逃學 (tou4 hok6).
Literally to run away from school. There’s actually a very famous movie, a very funny movie called “《逃學威龍》 (tou4 hok6 wai1 lung4) “Fight Back to School (1991)”. Check it out! It’s about a grown man who is a police and have to disguise as a student in the school for investigation. It’s by Stephen Chow and I hope you will watch it and like it. I like it a lot.
7. 欺凌 (hei1 ling4) “bully”
The next word is 欺凌 (hei1 ling4) “bully”.
校園欺凌 (haau6 jyun4 hei1 ling4) “School bullying”
That’s a very serious issue for the education department to solve. Luckily, bullying in Hong Kong isn’t that bad, I’ve heard even worse in other countries.
8. 撩交打 (liu4 gaau1 daa2) “start a fight”
撩交打 (liu4 gaau1 daa2) “to start a fight”, 撩交打 (liu4 gaau1 daa2).
你係咪想撩交打呀? (nei5 hai6 mai6 soeng2 liu4 gaau1 daa2 aa3?) “You want to start a fight?”
We always hear that in some Hong Kong movies. I don’t know, they just like fighting.
9. 唔守規矩 (m4 sau2 kwai1 geoi2) “not follow rules”
Next word...唔守規矩 (m4 sau2 kwai1 geoi2) “not following rules”
I used to be the kind of student who doesn’t like following rules. I mean I would break the rule a little bit, just enough to not get into too much of a trouble. Small things like wearing a boot instead of shoes or dying my hair to dark brown or something like that, little things like that. Have you done anything that is against school rules?
10. 抄襲 (caau1 zaap6) “plagiarism”
Next word is...抄襲 (caau1 zaap6) “plagiarism”. 抄 (caau1) is “to copy”, but 抄襲 (caau1 zaap6) will be the term for “plagiarism”. The term for copying the work from others usually online or from other books and you think you’ll never get found out, but you always get found out. The teachers always have a way and they always know if that’s your own work or not.
抄襲係一個好嚴重嘅罪行。 (caau1 zaap6 hai6 jat1 go3 hou2 jim4 zung6 ge3 zeoi6 hang6.) “Plagiarism is a serious crime.”
So don’t do plagiarism.
So that’s it for today. Today, we have 10 phrases for bad students. I hope you’ve done none of those and if you have, let us know what you did. Yeah, please subscribe, check out more Cantonese videos by CantoneseClass101.com and I’ll see you next time. I’m Olvia. Bye!