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Lesson Transcript

Hi, guys! Welcome to Cantonese Top Words! Today we're going to talk about 10 New Year's resolutions. What's your new year's resolution? Let's see if it's any of those on the list. Let's go!
1. 儲錢 (cou5 cin2) "save money"
儲錢買樓 (cou5 cin2 maai5 lau2) "to save money to buy a condo”
儲錢買車 (cou5 cin2 maai5 ce1) “to save money to buy a car"
Are you saving up money for anything? Tell us in the comment section!
2. 睇多啲書 (tai2 do1 di1 syu1) "read more"
I've been trying to read more books, maybe one or two books a month. Wish me luck!
In a sentence, 睇多啲書,可以學多啲生字。 (tai2 do1 di1 syu1, ho2 ji3 hok6 do1 di1 saang1 zi6.) "Reading more books can expand your vocabulary."
3. 定時運動 (ding6 si4 wan6 dung6) "exercise regularly"
Are you exercising regularly? You should! For my schedule, I try to exercise every morning at 7.
每朝早七點做運動。 (mui5 ziu1 zou2 cat1 dim2 zou6 wan6 dung6.) "To exercise every morning at 7."
4. 飲少啲酒 (jam2 siu2 di1 zau2) "drink less"
I don't really drink that much, but do you?
飲少啲酒,傷身呀! (jam2 siu2 di1 zau2, soeng1 san1 aa3!) "Drink less, it's bad for your body!"
5. 陪屋企人多啲 (pui4 uk1 kei2 jan4 do1 di1) "spend more time with family"
If you work a lot, people might tell you, OT少啲,陪屋企人多啲啦。 (OT siu2 di1, pui4 uk1 kei2 jan4 do1 di1 laa1.) "Don't work overtime so much, spend more time with your family."
OT means “overtime,” working overtime after hours. So don't work overtime so much, spend more time with your family, that's very important!
6. 食得健康啲 (sik6 dak1 gin6 hong1 di1) "eat healthy"
Are you eating healthy enough? That's what my mom asked me everyday. I try to eat a bit of everything whenever I like. Yeah, eating healthy is a very popular topic now.
食得健康啲係而家好興嘅話題。 (sik6 dak1 gin6 hong1 di1 hai6 ji4 gaa1 hou2 hing1 ge3 waa6 tai4.) "Eating healthy is a very popular topic now."
7. 減肥 (gaam2 fei4) "lose weight"
A lot of girls say that they have to lose weight, but they're already very fit. I think a good way to lose weight should be doing exercise.
做運動減肥 (zou6 wan6 dung6 gaam2 fei4) "do exercise to lose weight"
8. 戒煙 (gaai3 jin1) "quit smoking"
I don't smoke, but if you smoke, you should quit! If you successfully quit smoking, people will tell you,
恭喜你戒煙成功! (gung1 hei2 nei5 gaai3 jin1 sing4 gung1!) "Congratulations on quitting smoking!"
9. 學新嘢 (hok6 san1 je5) "learn something new"
無論你幾多歲,都可以學新嘢。 (mou4 leon6 nei5 gei2 do1 seoi3, dou1 ho2 ji3 hok6 san1 je5.) "No matter your age, there's always something new to learn."
What are you trying to learn other than Cantonese? Tell us in the comment section.
10. 用CantoneseClass101.com學廣東話 (jung6 CantoneseClass101.com hok6 gwong2 dung1 waa2) "study Cantonese with CantoneseClass101.com"
Yay! Good for you!
多謝你用CantoneseClass101.com學廣東話。 (do1 ze6 nei5 jung6 CantoneseClass101.com hok6 gwong2 dung1 waa2.) "Thank you for learning Cantonese with CantoneseClass101.com."
Tell us how are you doing and any other topic that you want us to talk about, just leave it in the comment section, we read it, I read it. So please subscribe and check out the word list on CantoneseClass101.com, and I'll see you next time in other Cantonese videos. I'm Olivia. Try to stick to your new year's resolutions!


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