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Lesson Transcript

Hi, guys! Welcome back to Cantonese Top Words! Today we're going to talk about Top 10 Foods that will Kill You Faster! So the first word is…
1. 糖 (tong2) "candy"
小朋友,食完糖記得刷牙! (siu2 pang4 jau5, sik6 jyun4 tong2 gei3 dak1 caat3 ngaa4.) "Kids, remember to brush your teeth after eating candies!"
Well, for adults, too.
2. 汽水 (hei3 seoi2) "soda; pop"
汽(hei3) is “carbonated”, and 水(seoi2) is “water”, so carbonated water is actually soda, or pop.
你最鍾意飲邊隻汽水? (nei5 zeoi3 zung1 ji3 jam2 bin1 zek3 hei3 seoi2?) "Which kind of soda do you like the most?"
When I was a kid I used to drink cream soda mixed with milk, but I won't drink that anymore.
3. 公仔麵 (gung1 zai2 min6) "instant noodles"
我大學嗰陣成日食公仔麵。 (ngo5 daai6 hok6 go2 zan6 sing4 jat6 sik6 gung1 zai2 min6.) "When I was in university, I often eat instant noodles."
Don't tell my mom!
4. 能量飲品 (nang4 loeng6 jam2 ban2) "energy drinks"
呢啲能量飲品究竟有冇用㗎? (ni1 di1 nang4 loeng4 jam2 ban2 gau3 ging2 jau5 mou5 jung6 gaa3?) "Are these energy drinks really helpful?" Like, does it really wake you up? Let us know!
5. 薯片 (syu4 pin2) "potato chips" or “crisps”
而家都出咗啲健康嘅薯片。 (ji4 gaa1 dou1 ceot1 zo2 di1 gin6 hong1 ge3 syu4 pin2.) "There are some healthy chips on the market now."
I don’t know how much more healthy they are, compared to normal potato chips. Which kind of potato chips do you like the most?
6. 植物牛油 (zik6 mat6 ngau4 jau4) "margarine"
植物(zik6 mat6) is “plant”, 牛油(ngau4 jau4) is “butter”. Butter made with plants is margarine?!
植物牛油始終唔同真嘅牛油。 (zik6 mat6 ngau4 jau4 ci2 zung1 m4 tung4 zan1 ge3 ngau4 jau4.) "Margarine is really not the same as real butter."
Which one do you prefer?
7. 加工肉 (gaa1 gung1 juk6) "processed meat"
加工 (gaa1 gung1) is “processed”, and 肉(juk6) is “meat”. 加工肉 (gaa1 gung1 juk6) "processed meat”.
你真係要食少啲加工肉喇。 (nei5 zan1 hai6 jiu3 sik6 siu2 di1 gaa1 gung1 juk6 laa3.) "You better eat less processed meat."
Recently, processed meat has been classified as a definite cause for cancer by the World Health Organization. Any kind of processed meat, like ham, sausage, bacon, spam, salami, all kinds of meat that were preserved in salt or other chemicals are bad. I know you love those, but try to eat less.
8. 煙肉 (jin1 juk6) "bacon"
煙(jin1) is “smoke”, 肉(juk6) is “meat”. So smoked meat somehow become bacon.
我知你好鐘意食煙肉,但係食少啲啦。 (ngo5 zi1 nei5 hou2 zung1 ji3 sik6 jin1 juk6, daan6 hai6 sik6 siu2 di1 laa1.) "I know you love to eat bacon, but you better have less."
9. 急凍食品 (gap1 dung3 sik6 ban2) "frozen meals"
我個冰隔有好多急凍食品。 (ngo5 go3 bing1 gaak3 jau5 hou2 do1 gap1 dung1 sik6 ban2.) "I have a lot of frozen meals in my freezer."
冰隔 (bing1 gaak3) is “freezer”. Yeah, I should cut down on it.
10. 微波爐爆谷 (mei4 bo1 lou4 paau3 guk1) "microwave popcorn"
我好少喺屋企食微波爐爆谷。 (ngo5 hou2 siu2 hai2 uk1 kei2 sik6 mei4 bo1 lou4 paau3 guk1.) "I don't usually eat microwave popcorn at home."
So that's it for today! Today we talked about the top 10 foods that will kill you faster. Stay away from them, unless you want to die faster, I hope you don’t! Leave us a comment if you can think of any other food that might kill you faster, or give us some healthy tips. Check out CantoneseClass101.com for the word list, and subscribe to get more Cantonese videos. I’ll see you next time, I’m Olivia. Bye!