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Lesson Transcript

Hi, guys! Welcome to Cantonese Top Words! Today we're going to talk about 10 reasons to learn a language, or 10 reasons to learn Cantonese. What is your reason? See if it's one of the following!
1. 我想同伴侶嘅屋企人傾偈。 (ngo5 soeng2 tung4 bun6 leoi5 ge3 uk1 kei2 jan4 king1 gai2.) "I want to speak to my partner's family in their language."
I know that a lot of people are a dating Hong Kong girls or guys, or married to Hong Kong guys or girls, so it would be really cool to speak in Cantonese with her or him, or their family. Thumbs up if you're learning language for him or her.
2. 我份工用得著呢個語言。 (ngo5 fan6 gung1 jung6 dak1 zoek3 ni1 go3 jyu5 jin4.) "The language is useful for my job."
What kind of job needs Cantonese? Let us know, I’m curious, too!
3. 我好鍾意學語言! (ngo5 hou2 zung1 ji3 hok6 jyu5 jin4!) "I love learning languages!"
Of course, who doesn’t? It really open up your mind, once you learn a language and then you’ll learn more about the background of the culture and everything, it’s really cool.
4. 我想見識多啲同國際化啲。 (ngo5 soeng2 gin3 sik1 do1 di1 tung4 gwok3 zai3 faa3 di1.) "I want to open my mind and become more international."
So have you traveled to Hong Kong and speak with the locals in Cantonese? Let us know how it turns out!
5. 我鍾意去旅行! (ngo5 zung1 ji3 heoi3 leoi5 hang4!) "I love traveling!"
Once your travel you meet the locals, and it would be cool if you can speak their language, and you can get more knowledge about their background, their culture, their mythology, the myths, the manners, the customs, so much!
6. 係我宗教嘅主要一部分。 (hai6 ngo5 zung1 gaau3 ge3 zyu2 jiu3 jat1 bou6 fan6.) "It's an important part of my religion."
What kind of religion do you need to learn Cantonese for? Well, someone told me they learn it for their meditation school.
7. 係我大學學科嘅一部分。 (hai6 ngo5 daai6 hok6 hok6 fo1 ge3 jat1 bou6 fan6.) "It's part of my university studies."
If you study Cantonese, way to go! Not many university have Cantonese class, I think.
8. 我隔離嘅國家係講呢種語言嘅。 (ngo5 gaak3 lei4 ge3 gwok3 gaa1 hai6 gong2 ni1 zung2 jyu5 jin4 ge3.) "I live next to a country speaking that language."
I think that if this is your case, do you live in China? I think mostly people who live next to Hong Kong or Macao that doesn't speak Cantonese is China.
9. 我想聽得明我鍾意嘅歌,電影,同電視節目。 (ngo5 soeng2 teng1 dak1 ming4 ngo5 zung1 ji3 ge3 go1, din6 jing2, tung4 din6 si6 zit3 muk6.) "I want to understand my favorite songs, movies, and TV shows."
Yeah, Hong Kong has really good movies that even got adapted by Hollywood, movies like The Departed by Martin Scorsese, and a few others, you can check out the Cantonese movies. I love movies by Stephen Chow. Movies that are made in Hong Kong, 港產片 (gong2 caan2 pin2).
10. 我住嘅國家係講呢種語言嘅。 (ngo5 zyu6 ge3 gwok3 gaa1 hai6 gong2 ni1 zung2 jyu5 jin4 ge3.) "I live in a country that speaks the language."
Where do you live? Do you live in Singapore, Macau, Hong Kong?
So that's it for today! Today we talked about the 10 reasons to learn Cantonese, or 10 reasons to learn a language. Please subscribe and check out the word list on Cantoneseclass101.com, and please check out other Cantonese videos with me Olivia. And I’ll see you next time.


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Tuesday at 06:30 PM
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What's your resaon for learning Cantonese?

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Monday at 05:45 PM
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Hello Justin,

Thanks for sharing. 😉


Team CantoneseClass101.com

Sunday at 08:46 PM
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Reason number 10 is applicable to me. The main Chinese dialect in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is Cantonese.

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Friday at 04:58 AM
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Hello robert groulx,

You are very welcome. 😇

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Good luck with your language studies.

Kind regards,


Team CantoneseClass101.com

robert groulx
Thursday at 10:54 AM
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thanks for the lesson

my favorite phrase is 我想見識多啲同國際化啲。


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Saturday at 05:06 PM
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Hi Dany Tran,

Thanks for your question. 😉

學科 (hok6 fo1) ~ always the department in the university

科目 (fo1 muk6) ~ the most fine-grained of studies, you can consider it as "subject", such as "Geography" in high school


Team CantoneseClass101.com

Dany Tran
Saturday at 07:09 AM
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what difference between 學科 and 科目? Can you explain for me, please? Thanks