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Lesson Transcript

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Hey, guys! Welcome to Cantonese Top Words! Today we are going to talk about Top 10 Phrases that Make You Look Like a Fool. These are the phrases that you need to know if you want to sound like a fool, so pay attention, don't say any of these.
1. 我乜都識。 (ngo5 mat1 dou1 sik1.) "I know everything."
Nobody really knows everything, right? And anyone you meet they know something that you don’t, so respect!
2. 我叫你就做啦。 (ngo5 giu3 nei5 zau6 zou6 laa1.) "Just do what I say."
我叫你就做啦 (ngo5 giu3 nei5 zau6 zou6 laa1), literally, “I call, then you do it” or “I say it, then you do it.” So, “Just do what I say."
我叫你就做啦。 (ngo5 giu3 nei5 zau6 zou6 laa1.)
係嘅,係嘅,老闆。 (hai6 ge3, hai6 ge3, lou5 baan2.)
If I'm the boss, I'm just going to tell the staff,
我叫你就做啦。 (ngo5 giu3 nei5 zau6 zou6 laa1.) "Just do what I say."
“Yes, yes. You are the boss.”
3. 你永遠都唔會成功。 (nei5 wing5 jyun5 dou1 m4 wui5 sing4 gung1.) "You’ll never succeed."
That's so sad! Why would you say that? Don't say that to anyone. Don't say that to yourself, don't say that to your friends and family, don't say that to anyone.
4. 我啱,你錯。 (ngo5 aam1, nei5 co3.) "I'm right and you're wrong."
我啱,你錯。 (ngo5 aam1, nei5 co3.)
我啱(ngo5 aam1), 啱 (aam1) is “correct”; 錯 (co3) is “wrong”.
So "I'm right and you're wrong."
Correct them nicely if they said something wrong, but don’t say 我啱,你錯。 (ngo5 aam1, nei5 co3.) That’s too blunt.
5. 我哋唔可以咁做。 (ngo5 dei6 m4 ho2 ji3 gam2 zou6.) "We can’t do that."
Nothing is impossible! Try your best! Don't give up at the beginning!
Well, unless it's something illegal.
6. 我唔使再學任何嘢。 (ngo5 m4 sai2 zoi3 hok6 jam6 ho4 je5.) "I don't need to learn anything anymore."
Life is about always learning, you're always asking questions, always learning new stuff. So embrace the new knowledge and be happy.
7. 你唔夠醒。 (nei5 m4 gau3 sing2.) "You're not very smart."
Literally “you’re not smart enough”. Studies say that people who are not smart tend to think that they're smarter than other people. If you say that, that means you're not very smart.
8. 太難喇,試都唔使試。 (taai3 naan4 laa3, si3 dou1 m4 sai2 si3.) "It's too hard. Don't even try."
If someone wants to learn French and you tell them 太難喇,試都唔使試。 (taai3 naan4 laa3, si3 dou1 m4 sai2 si3.) “You don't even need to try it.” That's sad, because French is a very nice language even though it’s difficult.
9. 我唔需要你嘅意見。 (ngo5 m4 seoi1 jiu3 nei5 ge3 ji3 gin3.) "I don't need your advice."
需要 (seoi1 jiu3) is “to need; necessary”
我唔需要 (ngo5 m4 seoi1 jiu3) is “I don’t need”
你嘅意見 (nei5 ge3 ji3 gin3) “your advice”. 意見 (ji3 gin3) is “advice” or “suggestions” or “idea”.
I don't need your advice, that's usually what teenagers say, right? They always say “I don't need your advise” and then they end up doing the same thing as their parents.
10. 我未準備好去學廣東話。 (ngo5 mei6 zeon2 bei6 hou2 heoi3 hok6 gwong2 dung1 waa2.) "I'm not ready to learn Cantonese."
That's silly, you don't really need to be ready, you just take faith and take a leap, and we’ll help you to learn Cantonese. So don't worry!
So that's it for today! Today we talked about Top 10 Phrases that Make You Look Like a Fool. Please don't say any of those. If you can think of any more, leave us a comment, and please subscribe! Check out CantoneseClass101.com for the word list and other Cantonese videos! I’m Olivia, see you next time, bye!