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extensive reading/listening

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extensive reading/listening

Postby waunwenner » July 27th, 2018 3:45 pm

Hi. I'm enjoying using your website and my Cantonese is improving. However, I tend to just use the videos and the flashcards quizzes. I was an English teacher for many years and did a master's degree in applied linguistics and TESOL, and my dissertation was about the benefits of extensive reading/listening. Research shows that reading and listening to easy texts (slightly below your current level) is probably the most efficient way to learn a language. I see you have an extensive reading section, which is a great idea, but I find it hard to use because I have not learned the Chinese characters yet, and am still using Jyutping. So I have four questions:

1) How can I use the website to start learning to read/write the Chinese characters?
2) Would it be possible to add some extensive reading texts in Jyutping? (I know it's not authentic, but it would still help a lot to read the vocab and grammar structures in context).
3) Would it be possible to add some extensive listening texts? (The reading comprehensions are good but they are too difficult for me as a beginner and don't seem to be based on the vocab that I've learned from the website).
4) The lesson quizzes look useful but they only test knowledge of the Chinese characters so I can't use them yet. Would it be possible to add Jyutping to them? Or is there a setting to change them to Jyutping that I have missed?

Anyway - these are just suggestions - and overall I think your website is very useful. m4 goi1 saai3!
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