CantoneseClass101 Pronunciation Curriculum 

In this set of 5 lessons, you will learn the very basics about Cantonese pronunciation. Cantonese is known for its many different tones, so you won’t want to miss these lessons!

Lesson Title Topic Function Summary
#1 What Makes a Cantonese Word Cantonese Words Learning what makes a Cantonese word How Cantonese words are made up
#2 The Cantonese Tones Tones Learning about the different tones Cantonese tones: the 6 tones, and 3 entering tones
#3 Cantonese Tone Change Rules Tones Learning when and how tones change Tone Change Rules: Uplifting of Low Tones for Phonological Reasons, The Tone Changes for Morphological Reasons, The Tone Changes for Semantical Reasons, The Tone Changes for Grammatical Reasons
#4 Cantonese Tones in Combination Tones Learning how tones sound in combination Tones in Combination
#5 Challenging Sounds in Jyutping Sounds Learning challenging sounds Mastering the Challenging Sounds of Jyutping: Tricky Consonant Sounds, Tricky Vowel Sounds, Tricky Glottal Stop