CantoneseClass101 All About Curriculum 

In this set of 15 lessons, you will learn all about the society and culture of Hong Kong and the Cantonese-speaking world. These lessons are entirely in English and are for those who want to learn more about the Cantonese language and in-depth information about the places it is spoken.

Lesson Title/Topic Function Summary Cultural Insight
#1 Top 5 Reasons to Learn Cantonese Understanding China and the Cantonese language Background of the Cantonese Language, About China, Where Is Cantonese Spoken?, Chinese Writing The linguistics of Cantonese
#2 Cantonese Writing System Understanding the Cantonese Writing System Chinese Uses Written Characters Known as 漢 字 [汉字] (hon3 zi6), Elements that Make up a Chinese Word, Pronunciation, none
#3 Cantonese Grammar Understanding the characteristics of Cantonese Grammar Grammar Pep Talk, Cantonese Verbs, Word Order, Negation of Verbs, Expressing Tense, Measure Words / Classifiers, Pronouns, Pluralizing Nouns none
#4 Cantonese Pronunciation Understanding the characteristics of Cantonese Pronunciation The Tones, The Entering Tones, Hearing the Chinese - Not for the First Time none
#5 Top 5 Phrases in Cantonese Using the top 5 must-know phrases in Cantonese #1 Must-Know Phrase: 唔該, m4 goi1
#2 Must-Know Phrase: 聽唔明, teng1 m4 ming4
#3 Must-Know Phrase: 你好 nei5 hou2
#4 Must-Know Phrase: 唔知, m4 zi1
#5 Must-Know Phrase: 對唔住, deoi3 m4 zyu6

#6 Test Your Knowledge of China Testing yourself on China 6 quiz questions testing your knowledge on China none
#7 Cantonese Cuisine Talking about famous Chinese dishes Cantonese cuisine: typical dishes, seafood, seasonal cuisine, dim sum none
#8 Life in Hong Kong Understanding daily life and society in Hong Kong Life in Hong Kong: global cuisine, hotels, expatriate community (Lan Kwai Fong), Wan Chai (major commercial industry) none
#9 Important Holidays Understanding important holidays Important Cantonese Holidays: State Holidays in Mainland China 2010, and State Holidays in Hong Kong 2010 none
#10 Cantonese Pop Culture Talking about Cantonese pop culture Pop Culture in Hong Kong: Music, Movies, Television, Gambling none
#11 Top 5 Tools for Learning Cantonese Using the top 5 most useful tools to help you learn Cantonese Top 5 Useful Tools for Learning Cantonese:
1. Online English-Cantonese Dictionary
2. Adsotrans
3. Cantonese Pera-kun
4. Hong Kong Movies
5. Cantonese Association's Character Writing Software
#12 Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid in Cantonese Avoiding five language mistakes when learning Cantonese 5 Common Errors That Learners of Cantonese Make:
Common Error #1: Incorrect Word Order when Forming Questions
Common Error #2: Making Verbs Past Tense - Getting the Particles 咗 and 過 Mixed Up
Common Error #3: Negating Verbs - Getting the 唔 and the 冇 Mixed Up
Common Error #4: In an Attempt to Be Polite, Using too Many Words
Common Error #5: Being So Afraid about Having a Standard Accent or the Correct Tones That You are too Afraid to Speak
#13 Cantonese Phrases You Won't Learn in Class Using Cantonese phrases you won't learn in the classroom Top 5 Phrases Your Teacher Will Never Teach You:
1. 哇 (waa3)
2. 癡線 (ci1 sin3)
3. 好正 (hou2 zeng3)
4. 平啲啦 (peng4 di1 laa1)
5. 頂唔順 (ding2 m4 seon6)
#14 Top 5 Cantonese Classroom Phrases Using Cantonese phrases useful for the classroom 5 Useful Phrases for the Classroom in Cantonese:
1. 唔該講多次。(m4 goi1 gong2 do1 ci3)
2. … 廣東話點講?
(…gwong2 dung1 waa2 dim2 gong2?)
3. 請問…
(cing2 man6…)
4. 我聽唔明。
(ngo5 teng1 m4 ming4.)
5. 你可唔可以講慢啲?
(nei5 ho2 m4 ho2 ji5 gong2 maan6 di1?)
#15 Our Pet Phrases in Cantonese Using the hosts' favorite Cantonese phrases CantoneseClass101's Favorite Pet Phrases in Chinese:
1: 唔該晒。(m4 goi1 saai3.)
2: 冇問題。(mou5 men6 tai4.) "No Problem."
3: 一般。(jat1 bun1.) "It's okay."
4: 有冇搞錯啊? (jau5 mou5 gaau2 co3 aa3?) "Are you kidding me?"
5: 是但啦。(si6 daan6 laa1.) "Whatever."