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Learn all about Cantonese Names

Do you want to know how to write your name in Cantonese?

We’ll be honest with you—one of the questions we get asked the most on CantoneseClass101 is on — yes, you guessed it — names. The most frequently asked questions include:

  • “How do you write an English name in Cantonese?”
  • “Is it possible to make a nickname up and ask native Cantonese speakers to use it?”
  • “Are there any Cantonese names that sound like English names?”

For those who want to have their name in Cantonese, we have made it simple for you to write your name today. Yes, today! This post is your one-stop guide regarding Cantonese names!

Ask Us How to Write Your Name in Cantonese!

Write your name in Cantonese!

Want to know how to write your name in Cantonese? Just ask us! We’ll write your name in Cantonese.

  • Write your name in the English alphabet. Our Cantonese teachers might not speak your language :’(
  • If your name is pronounced differently from the spelling, please let us know the pronunciation.

How can you ask? First, log in to CantoneseClass101. Then, simply leave a comment on this page.


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Table of Contents


1. How to Write Your Name in Cantonese



Hong Kong people use Chinese characters to write English names in Cantonese writing. There are two ways to make your Cantonese name. The traditional way is making your name based on the meaning. If your name has any special meaning behind it, you can choose the Chinese characters meaning the same and place them each other.

Or, you can take out the sound of Chinese characters and make your Cantonese name that sounds similar to your English name.

For example, if your name is “Daniel,” you can break it down into three syllable. Da, Ni, El. Then, find a Cantonese character that sounds similar to each syllabe. 丹 (daan1,) 尼 (nei4,) and 爾 (ji5.) Lastly, place them together as in 丹尼爾 (daan1 nei4 yi5) for “Daniel.”

Here are some English names in Chinese characters.

  • Noah (諾亞 nok6 aa3)
  • Jacob (雅各 nga5 gok3)
  • Michael (米高 mai5 gou1)
  • Daniel (丹尼爾 daan1 nei4 ji5)
  • Jennifer (珍妮花 zan1 nei4 faa1)
  • George (佐治 zo2 zi6)
  • Thomas (湯瑪斯 tong1 maa5 si1)
  • Kimberly (金佰利 gam1 baak3 lei6)

If you cannot find your name on this list or want to make your name in Cantonese characters by yourself, here’s our audio series for you. Check out Cantonese Pronunciation Series and learn the basic Chinese characters and their pronunciation. This will help you learn basic Chinese characters and start writing your name in Cantonese by yourself!


2. How to Make Up Your Cantonese Nickname


How to Make Up Your Cantonese Name

If you want to have your own Cantonese name that sounds like a typical name that any native speaker could read and understand without problems, don’t worry.

Here’s a list of Cantonese names hand-picked by our team. Pick the one that you like and use it as your Cantonese name.


A. Cantonese First Names

- a. Cantonese Female Names

  • 嘉欣 (gaa1 jan1)
  • 小儀 (siu2 ji4)
  • 小芬 (siu2 fan1)
  • 心悠 (sam1 jau4)
  • 敏之 (man5 zi1)
  • 祖賢 (zou2 jin4)
  • 穎兒 (wing6 ji4)
  • 美薇 (mei5 mei4)

- b. Cantonese Male Names

  • 偉傑 (wai5 git6)
  • 志威 (zi3 wai1)
  • 業生 (jip6 sang1)
  • 家明 (gaa1 ming4)
  • 浩明 (hou6 ming4)
  • 華健 (waa4 ging3)
  • 偉豪 (wai5 hou4)
  • 朝偉 (ciu4 wai5)

B. Cantonese Last Names

For those who want to have your own Cantonese last name too, here’s the list of popular Cantonese last names.

  • 張 (zoeng1)
  • 陳 (can4)
  • 李 (lei5)
  • 王 (wong4)
  • 梁 (loeng4)
  • 周 (zau1)
  • 鄭 (zeng6)
  • 羅 (lo4)
  • 黎 (lai4)
  • 劉 (lau4)


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What's your name? Leave a comment. We'll write your name in the Cantonese alphabet ?

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Hello KC,

Thanks for your question.

Unfortunately, there is no similar last name of "Siubutt" in Cantonese. 😅


Team CantoneseClass101.com

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Hi Kate,

Thanks for posting.

I would suggest you to confirm the Cantonese name with your family, because there are many possibilities for the characters in a Cantonese name, and they may sound very differently in Cantonese pronunciations. 😉


Team CantoneseClass101.com

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What is Siubutt, which is a last name in cantonese? It was my grandfather's last name. ( it is a cantonese name but i dont know the spelling in Cantonese)

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My name is Hong Young Siu which was given to me by my grandfather whom is Cantonese so i was wondering how to write it. (I am male)

Monday at 9:20 pm
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Hi Elijah Stephens,

Thanks for posting. It's very nice to hear that you got your name in almost all languages you're learning. 😉

Your Cantonese name is 以利亞‧史堤芬斯 (ji5 lei6 ngaa3 ‧ si2 tai4 fan1 si1) ~ Elijah Stephens.


Team CantoneseClass101.com

Elijah Stephens
Monday at 8:28 pm
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Hello. My name is Elijah Stephens. I already have a name in every language I’m learning, (except for Korean) so I wanted to figure out my Cantonese name. Either something that sounds similar or something with an actual meaning, like my Mandarin name 夏伟亮. Thank you!

Tuesday at 8:16 am
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Hi Adam,

The Cantonese name of Janelle is 珍妮 (zan1 nei4). 😄


Team CantoneseClass101.com

Tuesday at 7:57 am
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Looking for my friend Janelle Kao whose husband is Taiwanese. Interested in her Cantonese name.

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Hi Joshua Bott,

Yes, your first name in Cantonese is correct. 😄 And your last name in Cantonese is 博特 (bok3 dak6) ~ Bott. 😉


Team CantoneseClass101.com

Joshua Bott
Thursday at 2:56 pm
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Hello, my name is Joshua Bott. I am wondering if my name, Joshua, in cantonese is 約書亞. I am not sure about my last name, Bott. It would be extremely helpful to know what characters are my last name as well as the pronunciation. Thank you!