Meet the Team

Team Members:

nicole Nicole Wai Nicole Wai (Laam Wai) is a native Cantonese speaker from Guangdong Province who has spent considerable time in Hong Kong, Beijing, and Newcastle, where she studied linguistics, education, and cinema. In addition to working as an interpreter and translator in both Cantonese and Mandarin, Nicole is also an artist who has written stage plays. Her New Year’s resolutions for 2010 are to become a better guitar player and to bicycle to Tibet.
matt Matthew Carey Matthew Carey was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest of the United States where he spent most of his adolescence snowboarding. After formal education, he joined the U.S. military out of a love of travel and languages and began his adventures in Europe. After a considerable spell in the Middle East, he ended up in Asia where he discovered his deep passion for all things Asian, especially the local cuisine. Matthew has spent several years in Hong Kong, and he loves the island.
Oscar He Oscar He A Hong Kong native, Oscar He is a freelance translator, author and voice-over actor. A graduate of Hong Kong University, he lives near Tsim Sha Tsui and can be found frequenting coffee shops in the neighborhood.
david David Lancashire David Lancashire is a translator, programmer and lexographer living in Beijing, China. He is a recognized figure in online Chinese education as the founder of Adsotrans, Popup Chinese and as former Chief Technology Officer for Praxis Language. David is well known in the Chinese translation community for his work on bilingual dictionary development and natural language processing.
melody Melody Loi Melody Loi was born and raised in Hong Kong, where she attended the University of Hong Kong. She is currently teaching, translating and pursuing ongoing studies in Chinese language and literature.
melody Olivia Cheng Olivia is a Canadian-born Chinese who has spent more than half of her life living in Hong Kong. Her mother, who saw the importance of having Olivia learn the Chinese language from an early age, enrolled her in nine years of local education in Hong Kong. When Olivia moved back to Canada at the age of 14, she continued to take Chinese lessons. She holds a B.A. in Linguistics and Japanese Studies from the University of Victoria. Traveling around the globe has given her the greatest motivation to learn different languages. She hosts the Learn Cantonese in 3 Minutes video series at